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The Firm Wave Total Body Exerciser

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This is an awesome addition to any gym. The firm wave is a definite must have for any exerciser.The wave is an unique exerciser and has an appealing wave look. It offers total body fitness exercising in a fun way. The firm wave helps spice up your gym and offers great results. When using the firm wave, you work many areas at once. Saving time and getting great results in this fun way is an excellent benefit from the product. The firm wave works so many areas of the body and takes up little room. This is a nice exerciser to alternate with others that you may already be using. The firm wave will keep you from getting tired of the same old same old.

The Firm company has been around since 1979. This company had created the wave but has sold millions of workout videos prior to the creation of the wave. They have always offered great techniques to burn fat while strengthening and sculpting the body. Their programs are combinations of the weight training and cardio in each workout. This improves the results achieved. More calories are burnt and in less amount of time than just cardio alone. Muscle is built in the upper and lower body effectively. Firm creates great workout results without the big or bulky machines. Among this convenience, Firm also believes in the fun aspect for exercising. The fun in itself is a motivator to any exercising program.

The firm wave is a 5 in 1 exercising product. There are two types of ends on the wave to create a great product. There is a weighted side and a step side also used for rocking. Both in which helps tone the butt, hips and thighs. You get a cardio workout while you work your abs and tone your arms, butt, legs and thighs. Stretches can also be performed using the wave. There are over 100 exercises that can be done with the wave, all in which are included in the dvd. There are 6 main exercises in which does everything for you. However you still have the option to go further with the exercisers to continue your workout with the variations of many more exercisers. It is hard to get tired of using the wave, since it isn’t the same old thing over and over again.

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Among working other areas of the body the most important is that it also works your core. The core or the ab and lower back muscles. Building strength in your core is necessary in order to support muscular endurance and stability. With the wave you can burn 3% more calories than just a cardio workout alone. Also while doing so, you are also toning and strengthening your body. Due to the material used in production of the wave, there is no shock to the legs. This is a low impact exerciser.

Firm offers free express shipping on your order when you order on line. You can expect to get your products within 7-10 business days. This includes the wave, 4 workout dvds, guide for success, 30 day club membership, exercise instructions, workout calendar, meal plan, and a wall chart for learning the moves. The success guide offers tools for everything that the firm wave will help you accomplish. The club membership provides coaching, meal plans, motivational tips, etc. Coaches are available every day at any time that you may need them.

The 4 workout dvds comes in four programs. The music in the dvds are paced for each workout. The first is the ride the wave program. This is a 10 minute video in which will teach you the proper way of using the wave for exercising techniques. The second is a 30 minute speed slimming sculpt program. This is the sculpting program in which burns fat your body as it builds muscle to tone and tighten your body at a fast pace. The fast pace is easy to do and follow thru with using the wave. The third dvd is the rock it off. This is a 40 minute cardio and strengthening workout. The whole body is worked out in this program at a speed pace. The forth is express abs program. It is a 10 minute program that focuses on the abs. This is the core strengthening program.

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The firm wave is sold at a decent price for what it offers. You can exercise, lose weight, sculpt your entire body, increase your metabolism, gain energy all in a fun way for only $89.95. With the shipping, the total price comes out to $109.80. The firm wave is a great product that offers great results for a great price. It is unique and not comparable to any other exerciser currently on the market. The Firm’s website offers a lot of great information as well as a very useful Q&A; section. For more information on the firm wave or to purchase the product please visit Firm’s website at http://www.firmdirect.com/firm/ecs/main/firm-wave.html.