Obama’s “No Earmarks” Promise Broken

Karla News

” The truth is, our earmark system in Washington is fraught with abuse. It badly needs reform – which is why I didn’t request a single earmark last year, why I’ve released all my previous requests for the public to see, and why I’ve pledged to slash earmarks by more than half when I am … Read more


Family Fun at Crealy Adventure Park in Exeter, UK

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If you’re seeking a day of family fun, Crealy Adventure Park in Exeter, Devon holds everything you and your children could possibly want! With both indoor and outdoor attractions, thrilling rides and friendly animals, you won’t be short of things to do. Crealy is open all year round, and although some attractions are closed for … Read more


Best Low Maintenance Dogs

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Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning a dog, but you feel you just can’t keep up with all that’s required in caring for one. Although all dogs need attention and care, some dogs are more low maintenance than other breeds. However, when you talk about low maintenance, there are several concerns that need addressing. For example, … Read more


Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Talking to Your Kids About Money

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One of my friends, April, has had a great deal of influence over my thinking in the last several months. Her opinions on where to live, what cosmetic companies to use, and what to read, have all greatly affected my day to day life recently. She often says “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a must … Read more