The 19th Amendment was created so that women would have the right to vote, sit on a jury, and run for political office. Many women joined antislavery societies. While being part of these societies they learned to organize, hold public meetings and conduct campaigns. By joining these societies it educated them about politics, which helped … Read more

How to Get Out of Debt Without Filing for Bankruptcy

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A lot of us these days are realizing more and more just how much debt we have. The sources of these debts can be from student loans, mortgages, credit cards or vehicles. Sometimes the amount you owe can be downright overwhelming. Most of us don’t know where to turn and often make mistakes that we … Read more


Tips for Treating Jock Itch

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Known in polite company as tinea cruris, jock itch is an annoying condition that affects both men and women. In simplest terms, it is a fungal infection that affects the groin area of the body. Initially jock itch manifests itself with persistent and annoying itchiness in the private areas of the body but before long, … Read more


Three of Boulder, Colorado’s Top Luxury Hotels

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Boulder, Colorado, is a beautiful community, in a beautiful location. Just miles from Denver, it is quiet and outdoorsy, with an eclectic-meets-yuppie vibe. Inhabitants range from the very laid back to the very well off, and some are both. In a community like this, there exists some very upscale hotels. Check out one of these … Read more


How to Use Roofing Felt

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Anyone who has seen a roof being applied to a house has seen the roofing felt. Because it comes in 36 inch-wide rolls that are up to 100 feet long, it can be applied very quickly to a roof to act as a moisture barrier. Some contractors for a time preferred not to use roofing … Read more