While I won’t promise you that following these steps will turn your body into Baywatch perfection, I can assure you that you will drop a few excess pounds in just a couple of weeks.

5. Sleep – Few people realize just how important sleep is to their physical and mental health. Some people stay up late even if they have to get up early in the morning. Not enough sleep will make your body panic and store fat as energy. However, sleeping all day like a pothead is not good for you either. Remember, bears hibernate, humans don’t. Unlike bears, humans don’t need to store fat during the winter (although we usually put on a few pounds during the holidays). Sleeping in excessive amounts will slow down your circulation and cause heart problems down the line. Even though you may like to sleep in on the weekends it is very important to stick to a normal sleep schedule throughout the week. Keeping on a regular schedule takes less toll on your body and allows you to sleep better. The better you sleep, the more energy you have on a daily basis to perform at your best. This also keeps you active and makes it easier to shed those pounds.

4. Alternative Snacks – It is very hard to resist junk food in this day and age and we often find ourselves snacking several times a day. Instead of munching on chips and satisfying your sweet tooth with candy, find alternative snacks that are healthier such as fruit. Some snacks and candy are actually healthier anyways. Liquorish, flavored rice cakes, and granola bars are a smarter choice when you get the munchies. Eliminating soda from your diet, or at least cutting your consumption significantly, will take a large amount of calories out of your system. Substituting soda for juice, Kool Aid, iced tea, or water will help you shed a few pounds in itself. Finding alternatives in your diet doesn’t mean eating disgusting food and drinking down smelly vitamin drinks. It just means comprising with your meals and making small changes to help you lose weight. It’s a small sacrifice when you step on the scale and see the difference.

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3. Stretching – Light stretching is a great way to lose weight and gain flexibility at the same time. When I was a child I took Tae Kwon Do classes and learned how to stretch. To this day I still use the same basic stretching techniques and have stayed very limber, even though I am by no means a slim person. Stretching doesn’t have to mean torturing yourself by straining your muscles and tendons medieval torture style. Just stretching your legs and swinging your arms is sufficient. It feels good and it’s easy to do, even throughout the day. It’s so easy that it becomes a habit and seems more like fun than a dreadful exercise.

2. Light Exercise – Exercise is certainly a word that no dieter wants to even think about. They want the magic pill that melts their fat away. Unfortunately, no such pill exists, except the ones that make your heart stop and cause strokes. But don’t be afraid, you don’t have to always feel the burn to make some progress. Taking walks before or after a meal will increase your metabolism and help you digest your food better. Lifting light weights for just a few minutes a day will help burn fat and build muscle. Riding a bicycle is very easy and it provides for great exercise. Exercising at your leisure will make a surprising difference.

1. Playing Around>/b> – There are many easy and fun ways to stay active and lose weight. Playing with your kids, dancing around, playing basketball, and shadow boxing are some easy ways to keep moving. My little cousin bounces around the house constantly and has lost her baby fat and slimmed down to a skinny pole. When you’re having fun exerting yourself isn’t painful at all. Simple things like doing yard work, playing golf, and vacuuming can become genuine exercise. You don’t need to lift heavy weights and run on the treadmill like a gerbil to stay fit.

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The tips I suggested above are easy ways to lose weight either on a short term basis or for the rest of your life. You don’t need to turn yourself into a gym rat and burn yourself out to stay in shape. Look for things that you like such as healthy meals and fun activities to keep you in good condition. Soon you will discover that your fat clothes are too big and your old wardrobe, although out of style, fits like an outer skin again. Good luck!


  • While you can learn a lot on the internet, I would suggest reading about weight loss in books and magazines for proven facts.