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Organizing Your Clothes Closet

My wife and I share a closet – much to her chagrin – and while my half is only half-full of shorts, pants, dress shirts and t-shirts, hers has always been a colorful mosaic of every type of clothing one can own, some for which I don’t even know the name. Finally, after five years ...

Karla News

How to Properly Store Your Winter Clothing

As the winter months pass, and the weather changes to spring, it’s time to change the wardrobe in your closet. It’s time to pack away clothing items such as heavy wool sweaters, long twill pants, and turtle neck shirts. However, storing your winter clothing is more than just moving it from your main closet to ...

Karla News

How to Properly Store Winter Clothes

With spring’s recent arrival, you’ll soon find it necessary to pull out all your spring and summer clothes as you put away your winter clothes. Before you store your winter clothes, though, you may want to take some things into consideration. Improperly stored clothes can become damaged, increasing the need for you to replace them ...