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The Three Types of Body Shapes

Body Types

The definition people use to describe a body type varies, but in general; it is the shape of the body. In the 1940s, shape analysis separated the body type into three unique types. This division is known as somatotype, and the three types are endomorphs, mesomorphs, and ectomorphs. The body shape you have will depend greatly on genetics, but diet and exercise could change that. To begin, you should decide what body shape you have.

The Three Body Shapes

Endomorphs body types are more heavily boned and has less muscle than fat. This body usually will have more fat in the abdomen region and shorter legs. This body shape also usually has larger breast. Many times these people will have trouble with losing weight.

Mesomorphs body types are more muscular, with the weight evenly proportioned. This body shape will usually have wide shoulders and hips and a smaller waists. If your body is considered this body shape, you will usually gain weight in the areas of the thigh and hip. This type along with the first one is more common.

Ectomorphs body shapes are slim and long with smaller hips and waist. This shape has small bone structure. These people will normally have longer legs than bodies. They could have problems gaining weight.

Body Shape and You

Most people will have a combination of two of the body types. These people will have a body shape more dominant of one type, over the other type. In unique circumstances, a few will have only one body type, but this is not found often. When you discover your body shape, it can assist you in your health habits. You will know if diet and exercise will allow weight loss or gain, for you.

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Do not dwell on what type you are, but rather be aware of it. There are many shapes of people in the world and thin, certainly does not qualify you as being healthy. There are some that are slender and very unhealthy. A perfect figure does not truly exist, as there is no right or wrong body type. Everyone is different and this is what makes each person special and unique.

Fashion Tips For Body Shape

There are certain things you can do to change the look of your body type like:

Wear short necklaces or high collars to shorten your neck.

Wear shoes with straps to shorten your legs.

A belt, collars, bows, and a seam line will make the torso to appear shorter and narrower.

Wear belts or a scarf that hangs down, to make your legs appear longer.

To slim and lengthen, wear plaids that have thick, vertical lines.

Smaller print gets less attention then larger print does. You can use them together to control what parts of your body people look at most.

Disguise trouble areas by using an all over print or create a fuller body with prints here and there.

Use prints around your neck or over your shoulder, to make your shoulders appear wider.

Prints get more attention than a solid color does.

More Tips for Tall, Round, Top Heavy, and Rectangular Body Types

Tall people should not wear too long or too short of skirts. These people look best with wide belts. They should wear shirts on top of pants and no snug belts to draw attention away from their waist.

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Round, fuller figured shapes should wear styles that have vertical lines. A good choice is a V-neck, which looks good on this body type. Small or no padding on your shoulders works best. Try to wear your shirts below hip length and classic straight cuts. Lighter colors worn on top bring the eyes up. When choosing stockings, get some that are dark with no patterns. Wear your dresses slightly below the knee. Try to use accessories that are close to the same color of your clothes, for a more slim appearance.

Top Heavy body type people should try to wear long jackets without pads. Do not use tops with details or ones that are tight. Try to keep darker colors on top and stay away from light colors. A shirt that is loose on top and snug on bottom works great for this body type. To bring other peoples eyes down, use pleats on pants or skirts. Stick with one color to thin figure. Try to use shorter hem lengths, which will bring attention to your legs instead of your top.

Rectangular body shape people can bring out curves by wearing shirts or jackets that are tight at the waistline. Patterns can be worn to add to your shape. Shoulder pads should be worn for this body shape. Try to wear accessories like scarves or necklaces, to round out your neckline. Wearing heavy, feminine sweaters look great on this body type.

You will find that throughout your life numerous things will affect your body shape like hormones or weight. The only thing you can really do is find your body type and keep it in mind when choosing clothes. You can easily use some of the tips suggested to alter your appearance. The most important objective should be your health, regardless of the body type you have.