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Product Review: Samy Salon Systems Icing

Thick Hair

There are times that your hair just has to look great, and lets face it a product that promises fast results is very appealing. Samy Salons Systems has a product out called Icing. The product is a combination of mousse and hairspray that gives results in 30 seconds.

Icing by Samy is easy to use and allows you to style your hair quickly with your fingers. You get to control the amount of lift, or volume your hair has. This product is to only be used on dry hair. Holding can 12-14 inches from your head spray an even amount of product on your hair and begin to style with your fingers. You can apply more product as necessary.

I bought Samy Icing at Walgreens where it retails for $14.99. I was very excited to try this product as I had long thick hair that has a tendency to look unbrushed and unstyled. The sales clerks had never used this product before but they had a video at the makeup counter that they let me watch. In the video several women get their hair styled and it looks gorgeous. I decided to give Samy Icing a try because I was impressed by their video and I liked the look of their haircare line. Samy makes shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray products.

I washed and completely dried my hair the day before styling. The next evening as I was preparing to go to work I brushed my hair then following the directions given on the video. I sprayed Samy Icing in my hands, rubbed them together and began to finger style my hair. On the video they explain that with thick hair a better alternative is to spray the product in your hand first and work it into thick hair. The first application was very quickly absorbed into the root and hairline area. I had to reapply a second time and I once again began to style my hair with my fingers. My hair did not look curled but it did look styled. I received a lot of compliments on my hair at work and several people asked what I did different. They were surprised to learn that I did not use a curling iron or rollers. At least three different people asked where they could find Samy Icing and wanted to know how much it cost. By the end of the night my hair was starting to fall down a little bit.

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The only complaint I could find was that the product made my normally dry hair appear greasier than normal the next day. I had to shampoo my hair a little sooner than I expected too because it looked greasy.

I recently cut my long hair off into more of a hairbob. I tried the Samy Icing and I think my hair looked even better and more styled with the short hair. In my opinion if you have thick hair the product will work on any length but probably holds better on short to midlength hair.

I would not use this product everyday but I would definitely recommend it for times that your hair needs a quick pick me up and you are on a limited amount of time. The holidays, a special date, or a night out would be a really good time to use Samy Icing. I recommend that anyone interested in Samy Icing purchase a can and experiment first to make sure that you get your desired results.