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Diet Soda Dangers: Frequent Headaches, Confusion or Memory Loss

Diet Soda

There is Reason to be Concerned

There are numerous articles on the net warning us about the dangers of diet soda. Just google the word ‘diet soda’ and a host of topics that would concern any health-conscious adult will appear. Unfortunately, this piece will add to the growing list of articles that warn about the potential dangers of drinking diet soda.

Most consumers are unable to successfully prove whether third-party research on a specific product is valid. We all know that each person is different, from their hair color and type to their skin, mind, body shape or the way their body functions — even twins have different fingerprints. In this article, I will only state what I have experienced personally when drinking diet sodas or ingesting aspartame.

Memory Loss and Confusion

I hate being fat. Despite the fact that I have a few extra pounds, as does many other Americans, I refuse to drink diet sodas that contain aspartame. Aspartame and any similar formulations minimize my brain function to the point that it is noticeable by me within 24 hours of ingestion. For example, after drinking Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi I would find myself struggling to recall names and places that usually would easily come to mind. Initially I thought I was imagining things.

I’d gain a few pounds and vow to drink nothing other than diet beverages and water, however within about a day, I’d quickly notice that it became hard for me to focus. Please note, I did not change any other part of my diet as I rationalized that a 20 oz soda at 240 calories per soda, twice a day, was 3360 calories. I could potentially lose one pound per week just by cutting sugared beverages. This is close to 52 pounds after 1 year [these figures may not be accurate, but made me happy]! Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi were my drinks of choice. I preferred Diet Coke when I needed a bit more kick in the flavor and fizz.

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In my line of work I review customer accounts on a computer, which requires much attention to detail. The items I would miss in my reviews after drinking diet soda became totally ridiculous. After halting all sugar-free substances for about two days, my thought processes would become normal again.


The headaches took longer to manifest. After about a week of enjoying daily servings of delicious, ice-cold diet soda, I noticed that the front portion of my head, around the forehead area, would just ache. A dark room, complete silence and time was necessary to get me back to working condition. I must add that the headaches became worse when I added aspartame to hot beverages like coffee or tea. I did not experience these pains when ingesting Splenda. So many people will take Tylenol or Aleve to quiet the voice of their body telling them something is wrong. These diet soda companies should probably invest in the stock of companies who make headache medication.

Frequent Urination

I attribute the Frequent Urination to sodas in general, not just diet sodas. For me it did not matter whether the sodas contained sugar or aspartame. Interestingly enough, the frequent urination became worse when I drank Sprite. Last winter I caught a cold and returned to work while still in the coughing stage. Sprite was better than cough drops to minimize my coughing — actually, it was the only thing that would stop it. After sipping one 16 oz Sprite through out the day, I found myself in the bathroom twice as much as when I drink regular ice tea with sugar in the same quantity.

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Skin Problems

Somehow, the acid in the soda caused my skin to breakout. These breakouts were not like pimples — they were not sore or puss-filled [sorry]. The bumps were smaller, typically located on my forehead and the general appearance of my skin was unclear and a bit sallow. Again, once the soda drinking ceased, my skin would clear right up within about 72 hours.

Pay Attention to Your Body and Act Accordingly

If you have experienced these symptoms, and are a frequent diet soda drinker [ one or more 16-20 ounce sodas per day], check the ingredients on your soda can. Eliminate all aspartame from your diet for a week, and see if you notice a difference. Aspartame may be harmless in a packet, but what it turns into after being metabolized by the body is not.

Sugar is not that bad in limited quantities. If weight gain or diabetes is a problem for you, I would definitely recommend Splenda or other less potentially health-threatening sweeteners in your beverages — maybe even just plain old water.