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Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Acne

Preventing Acne, Treat Acne

At some point, many of us will experience acne when we least want to. Whether it is when you plan on taking that family picture that you will be put on your customized Christmas cards, prom or even your wedding day, even the tiniest pimple can be an annoyance. So what are some natural methods which you can try in order to treat acne or to prevent it from occurring in the future? Well, there are a number.

Natural Methods to Prevent Acne from Occurring

1. One of the main keys to preventing acne is making sure that you shower at least once a day. While many of us believe that it is okay just to wash our faces daily, this is not the case. Although it is important to be sure that you wash your face at least two times a day, it is also important to make sure that you wash the rest of your body. It is especially important to make sure that you wash your hair everyday, as this tends to be the root of the problem. Many times, although you may not even realize it, the natural oils from your hair tend to drip into your face. If your hair is not very oily, you should wash your hair at least every other day.

2. When you do take a shower, it is important to make sure that you rinse your hair before you wash your face. This is due to the fact that the conditioner or shampoo which you use may end up getting on your face and causing breakouts. By washing your face after you rinse your hair, you will be able to easily prevent this problem.

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3. Certain types of soap tend to leave our skin feeling dry and flaky, which is why we prefer not to use it. If this is a problem for you, shaving cream may be the best solution. Shaving cream is known for removing the oil from the face. Unlike soap, it does not leave your skin feeling dried out.

4. Drinking lots of water is another one of the great ways which you can easily prevent acne from occurring. Drinking lots of water will keep your skin as hydrated as it needs to be. It will also help reduce the toxins in your body which may be to blame for your breakouts.

5. Playing with your hair or touching your face constantly may be a nervous habit, as well as one of the main reasons which you have acne. If you try not to do this, you will be able to prevent acne from occurring. One great idea of how you can break this habit is to instead play with the rings on your fingers or other pieces of jewelry that are not located near your face, such as earrings.

6. Stress tends to be the cause of many things. One of the things which it is known to be the cause of is acne. By keeping your stress under control, through methods such as exercising and getting involved in activities, you also may be able to keep your acne under control.

7. Although the bodies of many people tend to differ, one of the main reasons that acne occurs is because of people’s diets. Whether you are eating too much grease or too many sweets, these can both be the main cause of your acne. By cutting back on both of these things and eating healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, you may be able to prevent your acne from occurring.

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Natural Treatments for Pre-existing Acne

1. One of the most common natural ways to treat acne is to put toothpaste on the infected area. It has proven to be very effective, as the toothpaste will typically kill the bacteria which has caused the acne. Another common method is to apply lemon juice to the infected area. This works in a similar way, as the acidity found in lemons kills bacteria.

2. Witch hazel is known to work wonders for many people when it comes to treating pre-existing acne. No one is quite sure how it works, and chances are that the results may vary among skin types. However, if you are looking for a solution, it is definitely something that you should consider trying out.

3. Another one of the main ways to treat acne naturally is to place a thin tomato slice over the area which has been infected. Once again, the acid is known to eat the bacteria which may be the cause of your acne.

4. If you are looking for a “quick-fix” solution, one of the things that you can try doing is using peroxide. Although you may find that it will take quite some time (days or even weeks) to treat a pimple using peroxide, it is a great way to make it blend in with your skin quicker. Peroxide will turn the area which has been infected white, which will make it easier to cover up with make-up.

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways in which you can prevent and treat acne naturally. However, keep in mind that in order to know how to prevent or treat your acne, you need to have an understanding of what the problem is. It may be a good idea to see a skin doctor or doctor before deciding what to do in order to prevent or treat your acne.