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Ten Tricks and Tips to Treat a Pimple

Pimples. Blech. Most of us get them at some time in our lives or another. Even we cosmetologists get them, with all our training and tools that we have to prevent them. Here are ten tips to get rid of pimples. Please note that these tips have not been evaluated by a physician and are ...

Karla News

Tai Chi and Qi Gong in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

In the Rancocas Woods of Mt. Laurel, NJ, at 114 Creek Road, sits the Silver Tiger Studio for the study and practice of Tai Chi Ch’uang and Quigong. Silver Tiger is under the direction of Master Ting Kuo-Piao (William Ting). Master Ting teaches the Wu Ji Jing Gong form which emphasizes techniques to cultivate and ...