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Good Exercises for Thigh Reduction

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There are numerous exercises that specifically target the thighs, but which are the best at bringing about desired results? Some thigh exercises are more intense than others. Some focus more on thigh reduction and muscle toning; others focus on muscle growth supplementing fat-burning. Depending on what you find most comfortable and effective, you can choose from these basic exercises that any healthy person can perform. For each exercise, however, remember to stretch first to reduce the risk of pulls and strains.

Running or Walking:

The most basic and accessible of exercises, running, jogging, and fitness walking primarily target the thighs and hips. To focus on reducing your thighs, use a pace that will allow you to cover a great distance – this highlights endurance which is the key to any toning exercise. Similarly, the faster you run, the greater your muscle development will be. However, running is not without risks. Running’s strain on the knees is significant; with each stride, the pressure on each knee can be as much as three times your body weight.

Wall Slides:

One thigh exercise that repeatedly proves to be highly effective is the wall slide. To perform a wall slide, begin by standing with your back flat against a wall. Walk your legs outward such that you are bent at both the waist and the knees (you should be somewhere between a sitting position and a standing position). Once you get to your desired depth, hold the position for five or ten seconds; repeat this as many times as you can, or you can abandon a time limit and just hold it for as long as possible.

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Wall slides can be used for the purpose of muscle gain or for muscle toning and weight loss. The deeper you bend, the more focused the exercise will be on muscle gain. However, to tone the muscles, burn fat, and reduce thigh size, hold your body more upright such that you closer to a standing position than to a sitting position.


Low weight squats can also have a toning effect on the thigh muscles. Using a lot of weight will spur muscle gain and replace fat with muscle rather than reducing thigh size. In order to ensure that you are performing an endurance exercise rather than muscle building, either use no weight at all or hold a small amount of weight that allows for numerous repetitions. To perform a squat, hold the weights on your shoulders and bend your waist and knees until you are almost sitting on your heels, then slowly bring yourself back to a standing position.

Leg Lifts: Leg lifts work both the thighs and the glutes. Begin by lying flat on the floor or on another flat stable surface. Without using your arms for leverage, bring your legs up such that your body forms a right angle at your waist. From this position, slowly bring your legs back down rather than quickly dropping them to the floor; this will double the effort of your muscles by making them work hard for the duration of each repetition rather than just during the lift.