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Five Fat Burning Exercises for Men

Fat Burning Exercises

When it comes to burning fat, men have a leg up on women. Male bodies respond faster than their feminine counterparts when it comes to dietary changes and exercise. With a fairly basic plan incorporating light strength activities with maximum cardio, any average man can shed fat in a relatively efficient and safe manner. We will be discussing five specific exercises and exercise combinations to peel off the fat. Begin the exercises with small sets of 8, 10, or 12 and add on repetition as you can. As always, checking with your doctor before beginning a new regimen is advised.

The Squat Thrust

The favorite of a bygone breed of drill instructors, squat thrusts are actually a superb conditioning drill when you are not doing them at three o’clock in the morning. In this move you have your feet together at the beginning. Next is a squat down followed by placing your hands on the floor. Maintain a tight core while jumping your feet back into a prime push-up stance. Do your push-up. Bracing your core again (to support your back), jump your feet back in and raise yourself out of the squat position.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbs were a favorite in my P.E. classes growing up, and they are a good way to burn fat. You start this exercise with you hands shoulder width apart on the floor, and then extend yourself into the same position you would assume to do a push-up. Stay on the toes of both feet. You then begin to “climb the mountain” by bringing your right foot in towards your chest and the re-extending it to the start position. Repeat the process with your left leg. Gradually increase your speed. Keep your abs tight during the entire movement, and keep your head up.

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Whatever your preference is when it comes to style, boxing is a great way to not only loose fat, but to add some definition as well. An exercise DVD can come in handy here, or you can practice a series of fast punches from a high squat position. Jabs, cross punches, and hooks will have you sizzling fat in no time. (A quick breakdown of punches: Jabs are straight-on punches, just be sure not to lock out your elbow when “delivering” one; Cross-punches extend past the opposite side of your body, and typically involve a foot and leg pivot for added power; Hooks are typically delivered straight-on, so picture a punching bag several inches in front of you and aim to hit the sides of it at about shoulder level.)

Interval Runs

If you can’t quite muster up the force for an interval run yet, then do an interval walk or any combination of the two. Since we are concerned with burning fat at this point numerous interval combinations would be effective. Run for a minute, walk for two minutes or vice versa. The main thing is to make sure you are always challenging your body’s cardio capabilities.

Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope is another really intense way to shed fat and increase endurance. Be sure to purchase a good speed rope to get the most out of this workout. There are numerous maneuvers you can do once you start jumping. There is a basic jump, walking with the rope, jumping on one foot, speed jumping, side to side jumping, etc. The options are many and the rewards will be visible every time you step on a scale or break out the tape measure.

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For men, shedding fat requires a mixture of cardio activity with muscle activation. While none of these exercises require weights, they all recruit muscle which will help you not only loose fat but enhance your physique while doing so.