Here is the pullup workout for women. As a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I’ve always wondered why it’s rare to see women doing pullups. But then again, it’s rare to see men doing pullups. In a crowded gym, you’ll see only a handful of men doing pullups; pullups are naturally difficult. Pullups are a totally unnatural motion for the human body; we are not orangutans. We are natural-born runners, not body-weight pullers. Nevertheless, women can become adept at pullups. Women can learn pullups as well as any man. Women have lighter body weight to pull up.

Pullup workout for women
In order to become skilled at pullups, women must get comfortable hanging their body weight. This is very difficult for most women who aren’t even overweight, because, again, we are not orangutans. A woman carries most body weight below her waist, and this creates something of a drag when hanging or doing pullups. Men, on the other hand, often have short legs relative to their upper body, and therefore, less drag.

Pullup workout for women: hanging
Place hands on bar and semi-hang body. Use stool if bar is too high. Semi-hang body, feet barely touching floor, for 30 seconds to get body used to pulling action. Do five, 30-second hangs once or twice a week. Over time, a woman will be able to hang completely.

Pullup workout for women: lat pull-downs
Also known as lat pull-overs, and every gym has a lat pull-down bar on a cable machine. Other versions of lat pull-down machines exist, but the bar version most closely simulates a pullup. Set weight heavy so that one can barely do 6 to 10 repetitions. Honestly, this has to be difficult. An easy pull-weight will not prepare a woman for pullups, ever. But begin the lat routine with lighter weights to warm up muscles and joints. Do several sets.

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Pullup workout for women: Gravitron or pull-assist machine
This machine helps a woman pull upwards by “removing” some body weight. If you weigh 130 and set pin at the 75-pound mark in the weight stack, your pulling-up weight will be 55 pounds. Most gyms have these easy to use machines. Set the assist weight, step up onto platform, grab bars overhead, and start pulling. The platform assists you.

Pullup workout for women: actual pull-ups
When you get good at doing lat pulls that are close to your body weight, try a real pullup. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t even do one. Just try it. The trying alone counts as part of the workout. Over time, a woman will be able to complete a full pullup and try a second rep. As weeks pass, the second pullup will be completed, and the woman will be able to attempt a third pullup. Before she knows it, the hardworking woman will be knocking off pullups while the men watch in amazement!

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