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5 YMCA Gym Memberships in San Francisco

Buchanan, Presidio, Spinning Classes, YMCA

YMCA in San Francisco, California, offers 15 branches, all of which have several membership options from which to choose. One can choose from a membership at any of the branches in San Francisco and nearby Bay Area locations.

YMCA Gym Membership has no sign-up fee. Anyone is free to join and the charges are reasonable. YMCA San Francisco offers financial aid to those who qualify.

The YMCA Gym in San Francisco is staffed with highly trained individuals who can assist anyone towards their goals. May it be to lose weight or to stay fit and healthy; there are programs to choose from. The gym is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment to suit everyone’s needs.

The YMCA Gym offers swimming, basketball, aerobics and a lot of other activities. There are several activities that would fit with children and youths, as well as adults and seniors. A whole family can become a member of YMCA San Francisco. YMCA has programs for everyone to participate in, no matter what the age and fitness level they are in. The activities are affordable and anyone who needs financial assistance to help pay for membership can certainly avail of that program. There are no hidden fees and no random charges unlike any gyms in San Francisco. There is also no contract, so you do not have to worry about cancellation fees. You can get a Bay Area Membership for only $75 a month (for an individual) and you can use any YMCA in the entire Bay Area.

There are 15, San Francisco YMCA locations; I am providing a brief glance at my top five choices:

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Embarcadero YMCA
169 Steuart Street
(between Howard St & Mission St)
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 957-9622

The gym is situated with the view of Bay Bridge and Embarcadero. There are several personal trainers that provide professional orientation to would-be members. These trainers will provide you with individualized training programs which they enter in their computer to monitor your progress. These trainers are always available to assist members and are very sincere about helping you achieve your fitness goals.

One can take advantage of two kinds of circuit training, free weights, and a complete set of aerobic machines, a large pool, basketball, spinning, yoga, martial arts, and reasonably priced massaging.

Downside like most gyms is if you come during peak hours you’ll be waiting for equipment to be available.

Presidio Community YMCA
Building #63 Main Post Gym
Corner of Funston and Lincoln on the Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 447-9622

Aside from low membership fees ($45/month) as in any YMCA San Francisco, this place boasts of a lot of free parking which is oftentimes a problem in the city. This location is also situated along eucalyptus lined streets. The Presidio Community YMCA offers outdoors fitness classes; cardio-kick-boxing, plenty of good weight equipment, and a nice aerobic suite which can sometimes be crowded with members. It has a pool and spinning classes and lots of free towels.

The people using this gym are laid back and the staffs are very friendly.

Buchanan YMCA
Neighborhood: Western Addition/NOPA
1530 Buchanan St
(at Zampa Ln)
San Francisco, CA 94115

(415) 931-9622

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Buchanan is probably the quietest YMCA in San Francisco, it is always nearly empty and staffs are super-friendly. Buchanan is small, but has nearly everything one needs to get a solid workout via cardio and weights. There are free parking spaces across the street at Japantown.

Some drawbacks: Buchanan YMCA has no pool, no sauna or steam room, and worst of all, no seated leg press. You may have to visit the other San Francisco YMCA location if you want to avail of those. The real downside to this place is the hours. They’re only open till 9 p.m. on weeknights, and close during the early evening hours over the weekend. And watch out for holidays: They either close early or are closed entirely for the day.

Shi Yu-Lang Central YMCA
Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin
220 Golden Gate Avenue
(between Dale Pl & Leavenworth St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 885-0460

This is the first San Francisco YMCA, bearing the elegance of old San Francisco, as evident when you enter the 2nd floor lobby with a grand staircase, lighting, wood finishes and Romanesque columns.

The Shi Yu-Lang Central YMCA has a large 3-lane pool in the basement, has cardio machines, weights, basketball courts, drop-in volleyball, yoga, Pilates, a hotel, massage, sauna, and even a relaxing rooftop garden. There is even a women’s workout room and a sauna just off the locker room.

The only drawback to this place is the neighborhood. There are a lot of homeless people outside and the neighborhood is a bit shady. But this is not a major concern if you go there during peak hours, where a lot of the folks that work out there are those who work and live nearby.

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If you want to relax and enjoy a quiet place to work out this may just be the place for you.

Stonestown Family YMCA
333 Eucalyptus Dr
(between 20th Ave & 21st Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 242-7100

This is a place where people can workout without being intimidated. This is not a meat market, no perfectly sculpted body, no people being in the gym just for the scene. This place is not too crowded and there are plenty of parking spaces for free.

The family membership rate is around $100 a month, and there’s no contract to sign. There is only a $25 setup fee. If you want to visit other San Francisco YMCA you can pay $3 a visit.

The Stonestown YMCA has a pool, a sauna, and a hot tub. They have great work out equipment and offer aerobics, yoga, Pilates, and dance classes that are included in the membership. The staffs are friendly and very helpful.

Overall, the San Francisco YMCA location are great if you want to have a good work out for a low fee, with a friendly staff and lots of amenities. Visit their website at www.ymcasf.org for more information on all locations. They offer online coupons that will allow you to try out three times for free.

Here is the complete list of San Francisco YMCA locations:

North Bay
Peninsula Family
Presidio Community
Camp Jones Gulch
Point Bonita