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Top Gifts for College Students Under $100

Gifts for College Students

There are many things a college student needs, and he usually doesn’t realize he needs them until he returns from his first semester at school. That is why the holidays are the perfect time to buy college students gifts that will endure throughout the student’s entire college career. Here are the top holiday gift ideas for college students that cost under one hundred dollars.

Every college student in a dorm room or on-campus townhouse can use a mini-fridge. Mini-fridges have come a long way since those ugly brown coolers I carried to college in Pennsylvania just a dozen or so years ago. Check out the Deluxe Mini-Fridge/Warmer with Digital Thermostat at ThinkGeek.com. This mini-fridge weighs a mere fifteen pounds and is whisper quiet. It is capable of chilling items to 44 degrees F and warming items to 140 degrees F. It contains a large see-through window, so the college student won’t have to leave his desk to check if there are any Miller Lite bottles, um, I mean Pepsi bottles, left in the fridge. This mini-fridge has a chrome self-locking door handle and control buttons. It features a large digital LCD readout and maintains the selected temperature. This way, your college student’s beer, um, cola won’t get too warm. The dimensions of this mini-fridge – 12.5″ x 13.5″ x 17.5″ – allow it to fit just about anywhere, so don’t fret if the college student is living in cramped quarters. This mini-fridge is so portable, it can be whisked from room to room for large parties encompassing entire dorm floors. And its price, a mere $99.99, is well worth the years your favorite college student will get out of it. Check out this Deluxe Mini-Fridge at http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/6ad2/

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A while back I reviewed the spray-on Downey Wrinkle Releaser, and I have since found something much better. The Wrinkle-Free Garment Steamer works miracles and is priced at just $39.95. This small but powerful device is perfect for college students, who don’t have time to iron (or just don’t want to). The Wrinkle-Free Garment Steamer smooths out wrinkles quickly and easily. It is available from Sharper Image and can be purchased online at www.sharperimage.com. The steamer is compact – 8.5″ x 4″ x 7″ – and it weighs a mere 1.75 pounds. It comes with two attachments, including a lint remover and a fabric brush. In addition to removing wrinkles, it also removes odors. And it is so easy to use, even a college student won’t mind using it. Just fill the seven ounce reservoir with tap water and plug it in. Almost immediately, your college student is able to begin smoothing out wrinkles with ease. It works on just about all fabrics, and it can be used on other items as well as clothes. At such a reasonable and affordable price, you can’t go wrong.

My final gift suggestion for college students is a 35mm camera, complete with film, batteries and photo album. Just about everyone these days has a digital camera, but digital cameras are expensive and many college students don’t want to take it out of their dorm room. As a result, many moments of college life go unrecorded and forgotten due to alcohol, um, I mean the passage of time. An inexpensive 35mm camera is the perfect solution. And it makes those photographs that may be a bit, shall we say private, a lot less likely to end up on the internet. The photo album ensures that those photos are kept and not lost or stolen during some wild party, I mean, study session. Look for inexpensive 35mm cameras and film at Best Buy, or even at Wal-Mart, or either of their online stores. Photo albums are more likely to be used and treasured if they are purchased at bookstores such as Barnes & Noble or gift shops like the Hallmark stores. Spend approximately $40 to $50 on the camera, $30 on the album, and the remainder on film, and you will stay under $100.