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The Brain and Its Functions

Cerebellum, Frontal Lobe

The brain that you have controls your whole body. It’s like the leader of an army, giving out orders for the rest of the crew to follow to function as a whole. There are three parts to the brain and they are the cerebrum the cerebellum and the brain stem. I would like to give you an idea of what each part does and how it affects your body.

I will start with the Cerebrum. The Cerebrum has its own little sub sections so to speak. There are about four different sections in the Cerebrum. They are the Frontal lobe the Occipital lobe, the Parietal lobe and the Temporal lobe. They each play a key role and take care of certain functions.

The Frontal lobe is the largest so it controls a lot. I’ll name just a few to start. The frontal lobe controls your behavior, attention, and sexual urges and almost all kinds of movements. So just think every time you stand up and start walking somewhere it is the frontal lobe in the Cerebrum telling your body what muscles need to be worked and how to do it all in the split second of time that it takes you to actually do it. The brain is very powerful.

Now I will move on to the Parietal lobe. The Parietal lobe controls things such as sense of touch and the acknowledgment of form through touch as well as your comprehension. Whenever you are reading a book and afterwards you understand what you read, it is considered comprehension and is controlled by the Parietal lobe in the Cerebrum.

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The Occipital lobe of the Cerebrum is pretty narrow. It controls your vision and reading abilities. Being able to see something and read it as well is taken care of by your Occipital lobe which is located at the back of the brain or your head. They say all the objects you are looking at are upside down but your Occipital lobe flips it up right and that’s how we see things like we do, a little weird huh?

Last but not least in the Cerebrum you have the Temporal lobe. A lot actually takes place here in the Temporal lobe. The Temporal lobe accounts for fear, memories, being able to talk and hear and it also deals a little bit with behavior and emotions. I would say when you are listening to a song on your mp3 player the Temporal lobe is at work so you can hear that song. It plays a major role in your life as a person.

There is also what is known as a hemisphere. The brain has a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere. The left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of your body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of your body. The right hemisphere is in control of analyzing nonverbal information and spatial relationships. The left hemisphere is in control of producing and understanding the language that you speak.

The Cerebellum takes care of three main things. They are your posture, balance and also your respiratory and cardiac systems. The way you breathe and the way you sit in your chair to the way you stand is all controlled by the Cerebellum.

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Lastly is the brain stem. The brain stem controls the motor and sensory pathways to your body and your face. It also has a part in the cardiac and respiratory system as does the Cerebellum. It aids in the breathing process and the action of the heart. The brain stem also breaks off into many other parts but I won’t go into detail with them.