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Ten Blogs on Alternative Medicine

Flu Remedies, Hypnotism

Alternative Medicine, either you believe in it or not. But whatever the case is, these Alternative Medicine Blogs will be of interest. First of all, some herbal medications can have a bad reaction with prescription medication. If you are on any medicines, consult your Doctor before you try any herbal ones. You do not need to create any more problems. Like the general public, there are some Doctors who believe that alternative medicine has benefits, and there are some who do not. The blogs listed here give information on many different types of alternative medicine, including herbal medications, hypnotism, aroma therapy, and massage among others. I hope you find what you are looking for , and have an enjoyable time doing your research. Happy Hunting.

Alternative Medicine Blog
This blog explains The Human Bioenergy Blueprint. Basically it talks about muscle testing in evaluating different problems. The articles are extremely well written, the articles here are not something to just look through. You need to take your time , read slowly and really absorb the information. There are place for feedback and comments.

Naturopathic Perspectives & Therapeutics

There is a great deal of information in the articles here, including a true story about a young mans right to choose his type of treatment as well as insomnia and severe back pain. It is well worth your time to stop in and visit. Don’t forget to leave a comment or three.

The Place For Life- Freedom From Within
This blog is run by a Doctor. The focus of the blog is on how to recognize what your health should be and how to work towards the goals. I would suggest that instead of reading the most recent post first, go to the original one and progress from there. This is another one that will take time to read and understand, but it is well worth the time involved.

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Sleep disorders
This blog has many articles on the different causes of sleep disorders and how to deal with them without medication Many of the suggestions are worth trying. You may leave comments.

Health, Happiness & Alternative Medicine
The author has been an alternative medicine practitioner for over 20 years, so the information she gives is something to listen to. Some of the articles are ” Giving up Smoking”, ” What To Do If Your Child Is Overweight” and one on Great Summer Smoothies.

Organic Coconut Oil For You
Here is an unusual blog, with information on a product that many believe is essential to good health. Read the site, it has personal experiences with the product. If you are looking for natural products, it might well be worth a try. It is something most people would enjoy anyway, it cannot hurt and it might help.

Home Remedies
Let’s face it, we have all tried natural remedies at one time in our life. Have you ever made a batch of honey and lemon for a sore throat, or had a Hot Toddy when you came down with a cold? Then you have used natural remedies. This blog explores the uses of natural remedies for temper tantrums, panic attacks, and even motion sickness in pets.

Alternative Medicine from Family.com
I my opinion, family.com is one of the best sites on the web and their alternative medicine blog is no exception. They have articles on hypnosis, aroma therapy for pain relief and how natural remedies can compliment, not replace, chemotherapy. And this is just the beginning. There should be an article here for everyone.

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ADHD Support Blog
This blog focuses on how to deal with ADHD the natural way. Written by a parent whose child has ADHD, you get first hand information on every aspect of dealing with ADHD starting with the diagnosis.

The ALternative Medicine Mentor
The owner of this blog has published 18 books on alternative medicine. Some of the articles you can read here are “New Drug May Change Depression Treatment” “What Is Depression?” and “Alternative Therapies Help Autistic Children.”