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Road Ready Streetwise: The Game that Teaches Teens Driving Safety

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Teen safety when driving is a big issue that many teens don’t want to hear about from their parents. There’s a game called “Road Ready Streetwise.” The game consists of choosing a Chrysler model such as : Neon SXT, PT Cruiser Turbo or Jeep Liberty Renegade. You even get to choose the color of the vehicle. The object of the game is to help inexperienced drivers learn safety driving awareness. While driving through the neighborhood, you need to avoid obstacles and distractions.

At the beginning of each mission you get extra points for how fast you click the correct arrow for your seatbelt and mirror. While the game is loading, there is a Question and Answer section. If you lose a mission, you can continue playing it to see the rest of it. If you win the mission, you can post your high score with others on the Internet.

In mission one you drive with the mom. You avoid water puddles, trucks backing up, construction workers and even toilets that come out of no where. The distraction is drinking a soda while driving. Along with the younger sister talking about her day while you drive.

In the second mission two friends are in the car with you. Your best bud and his girlfriend. This becomes tricky because the more in the car, the harder it is to avoid being distracted. Then next you pick up another friend. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself stepping on the brakes quickly or a red car driving on the wrong side of the road. If you end up crashing, you lose.

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Mission 3- You take the car out by yourself around the neighborhood. You’ll pick up your dad to take him to the bank. You pick up a friend to drop him off. While driving you may encounter children playing with remote control cars, flying saucers and even animals. Be careful of the deer and turtles.

Mission 4- Many teens want to go out regards how dark it is out. This mission teaches you all the dangers of driving at night. Obstacles include beach balls and even cows coming out of no where. And yes they moo at you if you accidently hit them.

Mission 5- Bad weather is unfortunately unavoidable at times when you need to be somewhere. This mission shows teens just how dangerous it can be to travel when it’s bad out. Electrical beams fall down in front of your car with a hair raising sound. Even a piano comes out of no where in this level.

Mission 6- This is the last mission. You have to look out for the same obstacles from the levels before but now you’ve got the added addition of watching out for drunk drivers. And if you make it far enough, there’s a MADD obstacle course.

Overall this is a pretty cool game. Many items are realistic, like tree branches and trash cans, but cows and turtles are a little bit odd. You can decide to shut off the sounds of others chatting or the car engine.This game isn’t only for teens.

Parents might want to try their skill at the game against their children. There’s no additional equipment needed such as a steering wheel. The game can also be played via AOL/AIM IM with a friend or by yourself. The game is available in England or Espanol. You can find more information about this cool game @ http://www.roadreadyteens.org/

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