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Athens DUI Schools

DUI schools are an essential part of Georgia’s campaign to reduce the number of DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) incidents that occur on the roads each year. Any driver who obtains a DUI conviction on his or her driving record is required to undergo a drivers’ “reeducation” program before having his ...

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How to Prevent Accidents and Drunk Driving

Accidents happen just about every second somewhere in the United States. A great percent of these accidents are due to the effects of someone under the influence of alcohol. Drunk drivers are much more susceptible to get into a car accident, because of many factors. While under the influence, your vision is greatly decreased, making ...

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Drunk Driving Laws in Texas

Drunk driving is referred in technical terms as driving under influence (DUI) or Driving with influence (DWI). This means that a driver is operating a motor vehicle while having a traceable amount of alcohol in their body system. If a death involves a person that has consumed any amount of alcohol either as a driver, ...