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Prom Decoration Ideas for a Hollywood Nights Theme

Prom Decorations

Lights! Camera! Action! No, this isn’t a movie it’s your prom. So roll out the red carpet, watch out for the paparazzi and make your prom decorations truly seem like something you would only see in the movies!

Hollywood themed proms are one of the most popular and spectacular way to celebrate the end of your high school days. In this article, I will help you think of ways to make your prom decorations really stand out. Sure, you’ll get tips on the basics but it’ll also include a few ways to make things a little more dramatic and exciting. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Cheaper Ideas

When it comes to prom decorations, prices can be staggering so what you really need to decide is where to splurge and where to cut corners a bit. Your three big things would be the entrance, and where photos will be taken, the centerpieces and the main stage. It’s probably the best idea to go to the specialized prom sites to get the more elaborate and pricey main parts and then budget for the rest of the room.

The most popular colors for Hollywood themes are usually gold, white, silver or black. These colors can be spread out throughout the room and incorporated in everything, from the table clothes, to the favors and dress code.

Stars, of all sizes are great and you can get them for cheap at partycity.com, or make them yourself (please use a stencil! If you are going to make the decorations you don’t want a bunch of lopsided stars) Don’t worry to much about color you can always paint them yourself, with gold or silver paint. Check out your local art supply store for fast drying paint.

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When it comes to the table and chairs, try going to any party store and buying white, gold, black or silver plain table clothes. To add some sparkle also buy lots of little confetti, like stars, movie clap boards, etc and sprinkle them around the table. For the chairs try covering them with white or black fabric, maybe even alternating the colors to create an even more contrasting and exciting image. Tying a bow around the chair will also add more to the magnitude of the room. Don’t forget the centerpieces, but more on that below.


To continue with the theme you can try sending the invitations out as movie tickets, pseudo Oscar Invites, or just continue with the star and color themes. If you are interested in the more theme related invites check out partycity411.com’s Hollywood page. To spice up the invites throw in a few confetti stars. Most, places would charge you more for that extra shine. However, doing it yourself is a cheaper way.

For placecards, try putting the person’s name in those stars you see on the streets of Hollywood.

Save money tip*
Order stars, confetti, etc in bulk. Ask for wholesale prices or by them by the gross. Orientaltrading.com is a good bet but even if you go somewhere else ask about bulk discounts.

Centerpieces/ Theme Kits

Stump’s has a great selection of backgrounds that will really make this a night to remember. The main prom decorations is where your best bet to spend the most money is. This is what will really help the room and your photo’s stand out! The partymerchant.com has some creative themes at some awesome prices! You only need a few pieces to really stand out so for fillers try adding drapes from the ceiling and balloons in the empty spaces.

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You can always ask the DJ or band to bring along fun party favors but doing it yourself is a more creative and cheaper way! Key word is bulk! Sunglasses, feather boas, blow up microphones etc can all be found at party stores. Be sure to check online! The market is so competitive you are bound to find things on sale!!!

Music and Activities

During dinner have the DJ play movie theme songs! Pre- make a CD that they can use. It’s a good way to get what you want without worrying about not having the right music. Just have them play the music softly, it will make great dinner conversation when your fave. theme comes on ( Hello? Star Wars!)

For the table, try adding celebrity trivia on the place cards. Have your guests ask each other questions when they are waiting for food. Don’t make too many, though, you want people to dance!

Along with Prom King and Queen you can even try having a contest for best celebrity look alike! Give awards for funniest moment’s in Senior Year, best musical moments, most dramatic!

Have your theater club reenact classic movie scenes and play them on a background screen. Make sure not to have any sound on.

Some Extra Ideas

If you are doing a prom king/ queen give out a mini statue of the school’s mascot, or even a fake Oscar statue. If you have a video screen on stage show clips of the nominees prior to announcing the winner (think Academy Awards).

Get a red carpet that you can have in the the main walk way.

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For the bathrooms hang a sign on the door that say’s “Star’s Dressing Room.”

Give the table’s titles, rather than numbers. Name them after Hollywood inspired places, people or movies.

Well, this is just a starting off point but hopefully you can take some of these ideas and run with them! Get creative and have fun! Now it’s time for me to “end scene”….


Some Helpful Links

Americanprom.com has a great selection of fun Hollywood prom decorations and favors. I wouldn’t really waste my time spending the money on table clothes and such. You can probably get them for much cheaper at your local party good store and decorate them yourself. However, they have a great selection of props, favors and backgrounds.

Promnite.com has loads of things to really make the night stand out and you can also order a catalog which is always great for prom committee meetings.

Partypro.com has a great selection of discounted and wholesale

Partycheap.com (this links directly to their Hollywood page)

Interactiveparty.com – A few more prom decoration ideas.