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My Wines Direct: Online Store for the Wine Lover

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There are wine clubs – and then there is My Wines Direct. What is unique about My Wines Direct is that these are not only wine lovers like many of us, but there is no claim of genuine expertise only love of wine. One actually receives the benefits of being in a wine club, reaping all of the knowledge and information but there is no financial commitment.

The wine lovers at My Wines Direct definitely due their research however in bringing the best they possibly can to wine lovers. All of this is done with no commitment. At My Wines Direct wine lovers buy what they want when they want it.

The flexibility involved with a guided and genuinely researched wine purchase at My Wines Direct is appealing. The fact that there is an online store, a wine guide, constant updates and the fact that there is no hard and fast commitment add to the enjoyment and expectation of receiving the much desired wine shipment.

The wines shipped to you from My Wines Direct are selected by a three step process including using the services of an expert wine buyer, a panel of tasters and finally a Wine Master for the final selection. In addition to the other services offered by My Wines Direct that the wine lover is not charged for is the fact that standard shipping is complementary on wine purchases.

Other benefits of belonging to My Wines Direct are the educational aspect. Every month My Wines Direct posts articles on different topics and news related to wine for members to peruse. Find out about the latest wines, the latest reviews, what is up and coming, and all of this at your fingers tips by visiting the Web site and online store. And there is more. Members of My Wines Direct can visit the Web site monthly for the latest award winning recipes, and get information on what wines to pair with what foods.

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Prices of wine will of course vary depending on the selection for the month. My Wines Direct regularly lists and of course the new and upcoming wines. If you are planning a party, shower, especially a bridal shower, My Wines Direct offers a Mixed Tasting Pack which is perfect for the occasion. For the newbie to My Wines Direct there is an Intro Tasting Pack which can be a combination of all Red Wines, all White Wines, or 2 Whites and 4 Red Wines. Prices range from $79.95 up to $89.95 for the Intro Tasting Packs all available at the online store.

My Wines Direct is perfect for the beginning wine lover or the expert. The flexibility is great as are the options for wine selection. My Wines Direct also offers gift certificates and gift packages in case you would like to introduce someone to My Wines Direct and their online store. For more information on My Wines Direct, visit the Web site and online store today.