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A Review of Knorr Creamy Pesto Sauce Mix

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Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix is my favorite prepackaged pasta mix. Knorr has truly created a creamy authentic pesto flavored pasta sauce that almost anyone can prepare. If you love to eat pasta and crave authentic Italian flavor you have to try Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix. A quick cooking time makes Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix extremely convenient for families.

I first bought Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix because of my roommate in college. Although I had mastered the art of making the mac and cheese in the little blue box, I had never given a thought to venturing down the aisle in the grocery store to check out other quick late night food ideas. She cooked some Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix and added it to some penne pasta and I was hooked. It is a great alternative to the usual mac and cheese or au gratin potatoes. Best of all a packet of this mix will only cost you about $1.50, which fits well into a college student’s small budget.

To prepare Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix all you do is add the appropriate amounts of olive oil and milk. Stir the packet of Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix into your oil and milk mixture and bring to a boil on the stove. Let it the creamy pesto sauce boil for a few minutes and presto, you have an authentic and truly tasty sauce to toss your pasta in.

My favorite feature of the Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix packet is the recipe ideas on the back of the packet. Knorr gives suggestions for additions you can add to their Creamy Pesto sauce mix to make complete meals. Additions like chicken and shrimp can create an impressive one-pot meal. Presently they have a recipe for Lemon Pesto Chicken that is yummy and impressive enough to serve guests. Add a salad and a loaf of fresh bread and you will look like you went to a lot of trouble. Personally I like to add either sun-dried tomatoes or roasted red peppers for a vegetarian dinner. This sauce is definitely a crowd pleaser. You can look like a great cook by preparing this simple sauce and adding a few fresh ingredients with your pasta.

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If you are out of milk, but have cream I have made Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix with water, olive oil and a little cream. Prepare the pesto sauce mix as usual, but with water and boil. After it has boiled for a few minutes take it off the heat and stir in enough cream to make it a wonderful light, creamy color and consistency. As the Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix cools, the cream will cause it to thicken. Although you can prepare Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix with regular canola or corn oil if you need to, I recommend never running out of olive oil. The olive oil provides a depth of flavor that is essential to making the Knorr Creamy Pesto sauce mix taste truly authentic and rich.