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Maxwell House Coffee: Product Review

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Like most individuals, I like to start my day off with a great cup of coffee. Although I have used many different brands through the years, the one brand that I like the most is Maxwell House.

Until the late 1980’s, Maxwell House Coffee was the largest selling brand in America. It is currently second behind Folgers. The coffee got its beginning in 1892 in Nashville, Tennessee. Local brewers Leon Cheek and Joel cheek started providing it at the Maxwell House hotel. Then in 1901, they established the manufacturing company with the help of John Neal. In 1928 the Postum company bought it from Cheek and Neal.

The slogan “Good to the last drop” began in 1917. The phrase was started by Theodore Roosevelt. The President was visiting the Andrew Jackson estate when he made the off cuff comment that has stuck with the coffee to this day. the phrase is a registered trademark for the coffee.

In 1942, the General Foods Corporation took over control of the coffee. They began making instant coffee. they went to coffee packs and also added a decaffeinated coffee. In 1966, they introduced the “The Maxwell House Electric Perk”. By 1976 they introduced the idea of the drip coffee which was made famous by “Mr. Coffee.”

Today there are three different styles of coffees of many blends. You can get Maxwell House in the bean form, ground, and pre-measured forms.

Maxwell House even has their own web site. www.brewsomegood.com . The cans come in two different colors. Green is for decaf and blue is for regular. The labels on each can indicate if the blend is mild, medium, medium dark, and dark. The backside of the can has specific brewing instructions. It tells what you need from one cup to a ten cup maker. Each can has a unbroken seal on the top that holds in the aroma and freshness. As long as you continue to replace that each time you use the coffee, it will maintain that fresh aroma.

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All coffee drinkers know how good that smell can be in the early morning hours. The aroma is great for inviting an individual to a good cup of coffee. The Maxwell House web site asks what type of person are you for the right blend. They have eight different blends so that they can appeal to whatever the customer prefers.

Maxwell House also makes Sanka and Yuban instant coffees.

Everyone has their own special blend that they enjoy. since I like my coffee early in the morning, I enjoy their “Breakfast Blend.”

Blues musician Mississippi John Hurt even mentions Maxwell House coffee in his song “Coffee Blues.

The coffee is produced in three sections of America. Those being in Houston ,Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and San Leando, California.

Although it has dropped to second place behind Folgers, Maxwell House is still on of the favorites of many Americans. There are many establishments that make it their House drink of the day. For many individuals, coffee isn’t the same unless they have their Maxwell House coffee to start their day.

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