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Lower High Cholesterol Naturally with Apple Cider Vinegar: I did!

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I first discovered the benefits of apple cider vinegar when my doctor decided to do a blood work up during my annual exam. My cholesterol was higher than someone with a family history or heart disease should be. My doctor immediately decided to put me on medication and I quickly resisted. I have never liked to take prescriptions and was determined to lower my cholesterol by improving my diet.

My doctor wasn’t particularly convinced that with my very hectic lifestyle that included eating on the run several days a week that I would be able to bring my cholesterol down to a safe level but I was determined and she agreed to wait thirty days.
I headed home and immediately got online and began searching for foods that would help lower my cholesterol. Of course oatmeal came up several times and while I am sure it works very well; I happen to detest taste and texture too much to force myself to eat it everyday.

I was about to give up and just agree to the prescription when a friend suggested that I do a search about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. I was amazed at how many different ailments that apple cider vinegar is recommended in helping prevent or even ease the symptoms, including high cholesterol.

I started taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar every day and while it doesn’t have a wonderful flavor adding a bit of honey makes it tolerable and there is also the claim that this mixture assists in easing joint pain. I don’t suffer from joint pain and didn’t before I started taking the mixture so I can’t make any claims.

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I went back to my doctor after thirty days and while she seemed less than optimistic by my “home remedy” she did another blood test. Must to her chagrin and my delight my cholesterol had lowered by five points. The only change I had made to my diet was adding the apple cider vinegar mixture.

Still not convinced my doctor insisted on testing again in thirty days, I happily agreed. I stated using apple cider vinegar in place of white vinegar in my cooking and found there was not an obvious difference in taste.

The results of the next test showed an additional two point drop in my cholesterol and after a year of taking the apple cider vinegar mixture everyday my cholesterol is back within a safe and healthy range again. I have made a few minor changes to my diet over the past year but the only one that I stick to without missing a day or cheating from time to time is keeping the apple cider vinegar in my diet. I have dropped ten pounds without trying and eighteen points off of my cholesterol count in one year.