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Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water

Crystal Light

Everyone knows they need to get more water into their diet, but many people don’t like the plain taste of water. The problem is the flavor is so bland. It’s really no wonder people choose sodas instead of water. But, water has so many advantages that soda doesn’t. First of all, drinking more water will make your skin look better. It also keeps you from becoming dehydrated. Water also helps you lose weight and helps to remove impurities from your body. Now that you know some of the reasons why you should be drinking it, let’s talk about how you can add flavor to your water and it still be healthy.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Citrus Juice

Citrus juice is a wonderful way to add flavor to water. Citrus juice is filled with vitamins and has a tart flavor that many people enjoy. A nice squirt of lemon and lime juices will improve the flavor of your water, while still keeping it healthy.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Green Tea

Green tea is an extremely healthy way to add flavor to your water. Green tea is an amazing drink, because it speeds up your metabolism. Green tea also has a wonderful taste. While green tea is a healthy way to add flavor to your water, you must remember to avoid adding sugar. You can add lemon juice, but avoid sweeteners that are high in sugar if you want to keep it healthy.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Crystal Light

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Many people turn to Crystal Light as a healthy way to add flavor to their water. Crystal Light is extremely low in calories, but tastes amazing. There are so many different flavors of Crystal Light to choose from and you’re bound to find a flavor that you like. If you want a cheaper alternative you can also choose the Great Value brand sold at Walmart. Either one you choose, you will also be getting a high amount of vitamin C.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Sugar-Free Kool-Aid

This is a great solution for kids. You may have a hard time getting your kids to drink water, because they miss the flavor and sweetness of soda. But, sugar-free Kool-Aid is a wonderful alternative. Sugar-free Kool-Aid is low in calories and has vitamin C. You can actually feel good about giving this drink to your children.

Healthy Ways to Add Flavor to Water: Splenda

While I’m not suggesting that you simply add Splenda to your water, Splenda is a great way to add flavor when you combine it with citrus juice. The problem with most lemonades or limeades is that they contain so much sugar, but you can make these drinks healthy when you add Splenda. The drink will be calorie free and healthy. You’ll add vitamins to your water along with flavor. But that’s not all. You can also add Splenda to your tea and coffee.