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For Fast Weight Gain Try These 5 Tips

Family Shows, Power Bars, Zinc Deficiency

Of course we have heard about losing weight, but what about gaining a few pounds even just to round out our body mass? People might argue that gaining weight is easier than losing weight, yah for most, but what about if you are one of those individuals who burn calories just watching TV or lifting a finger? Some bodies are natural calorie burning infernos, no kidding. If you are ready to gain weight, then why not give these tips a try.

1. Eat Your Pie – The idea is fairly simple, do not forget your desert after dinner. Eat high calorie deserts like a slice of pie, cake, or even a milkshake made with milk, ice cream and protein powder.

2. Keep Extra Snacks Handy – Always keep high calorie snacks near by, high calorie does not have to mean heavy thick snacks. You can eat a handful of beef jerky, one large piece averages out to over 80 calories, and they are satisfying to eat and do not fill you up immediately. Try a health food energy bar. Power Bars have 230 calories a bar and are extremely convenient to carry around with you. Both of these foods are excellent in protein and protein is definitely your best friend right now.

3. Drink Meal Replacement Drinks – These milky, delicious drinks are really meant to give you a whole meal worth of calories in one bottle, so we are talking a lot of extra calories here. By drinking one of these shakes you are adding 220-230 calories to your diet.

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4. Drink Plenty of Liquids – I know water is water right? Our bodies are made up of a large amount of water. Our skin requires plenty of water to stay saturated and healthy. Even our fat cells retain a load of water, so if you are dehydrated your body actually is smaller. And even your face definitions will look different if you are dehydrated. So drink extra fluids and in a couple of days notice how different your face looks. The skin will look more plump, and your cheeks more pronounced, and you will find this happening throughout your whole body.

5. Try a Zinc Supplement ‘” Zinc really does aid in weight gain and even helps your sense of smell and taste. So if you have a zinc deficiency, weight loss might be an issue and your taste might be affected. You will even have mental lethargy if there is not enough zinc in your diet. So there is a lot of benefits from taking zinc.

Just keep in mind you should be eating at least 1000 extra calories a day to successfully gain weight. And as a motivator, I really love to watch TV programs of people eating. Even family shows like Gilligan’s Island has an episode called “Physical Fatness” that I find is an awesome motivator.