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Easy Exercising and Cross-Training Activities

Abdominal Workout, Cross Training

There’s nothing quite like an early morning jog, enjoying the solace and solitude of running trails or barren roads before the a.m. rush hour clogs everything up. Now that the colder months are rollling in throughout some parts of the country, running outside may not be as enjoyable as it is in the warmer months. But for many people, running and working out are necessary components to a healthy body and to getting in shape for an upcoming athletic season. Cross-training can be a fun and effective way to get back in shape and to stay fit for a longer period of time.

For athletes in between sports seasons, going to the gym can be a welcome alternative to the solitude of running or working out by oneself. Many times, the gym offers everything from a swimming pool to basketball courts, treadmills, stationary bikes, and much more. If you aren’t up for the full commitment of a gym membership, consider going for a guest pass to see what you think. You might also try a “trial membership” if they are offered.

If running every morning and/or heading to the gym each day after work are not your idea of a good time, don’t fret just yet. You can still get in shape without breaking up your normal routine, and without becoming a fitness nazi!

For starters, stop abusing the elevator.

Unless you have a phobia of stairwells, take the stairs whenever you can and burn those extra calories. This also applies to any shopping excursions you might make to the mall. Try taking the stairs instead of the escalators so your body can benefit from the extra muscle use.

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Whenever weather permits, walk to those places within a reasonable distance instead of driving.

If you can walk a half-mile or so every once in a while, your body will become accustomed to greater use of muscles, tendons, ligaments and limbs. By walking to the post office, the convenience store, the coffee shop, etc., you can burn off calories and strengthen your body at the same time. By doing so on a regular basis, you can condition your body for a more regimented exercise schedule, should you choose to include one in your normal routine.

Consider getting into yoga, kickboxing or any group-oriented aerobic exercise.

Join a YMCA and go swimming if it’s your thing. Commit yourself to following an exercise video program at least once a week, even if it is only for five minutes of an abdominal workout.

Find an exercise partner!

Take your dog to the park and play outside a bit when winter’s bite isn’t so harsh.

Play outside!

If enough snow covers the ground, get the gang together and dress warmly. Grab a football and some thermoses of steamy hot chocolate and play in the snow like old times. Playing a sport other than your own team sport is a great way to cross-train for the upcoming season!

Build your muscles by lifting weights.

Try to set aside a small corner of your home or garage for a personal workout area. Lifting can be as intense or as simple as you make it, from actual bench presses to short reps with lightweight dumbbells. Lifting weights tends to be one of the athletic community’s favorite cross-training activities. And for good reason! Building up your muscles will help you to excell in other athletic endeavors.

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Target a particular area on your body and work to improve it.

Research online and in books about how you can tone or build up certain muscles properly.

Workout on your own time!

Spend a minimum of five minutes a day, a couple days a week, doing sit-ups and crunches, pushups, pull-ups or other exercises that don’t require leaving the home.

Turn Exercising into a Competition

When all else fails, spark up a little competitive fun. Talk a little trash to your best friend, your brother, your significant other, or even your coworkers. Make it a point to inform as many people as possible that you are on a mission to get back in shape. Then hopefully you will feel compelled to live up to your word and get your booty back into the competitive shape you so desire.

Celebrate your successes

No matter what you decide to do as a cross-training or a workout plan, remember to reward yourself for your achievements. If you are trying to drop a few pounds or to reduce your body fat, or even to trim and tone your abdomen or another region of the body, don’t take your results too lightly. Any improvement is a change worth celebrating!

Set your goals realistically so that you avoid becoming discouraged by biting off more than you can chew. If you start out with a small routine of five or ten minutes a day, even for only a couple of days a week, you can soon add a few additional minutes to your routine. By making a conscious effort to improve your lifestyle, you really do have control of your level of fitness.

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Practicing exercise and cross-training activities not only contributes toward a healthy lifestyle, but also serves to improve your energy levels more than you would think. Get active and start working toward a happier, healthier you!