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Urine Therapy: Using Human Urine to Replace Medications

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Urine therapy has been around for thousands of years. Though there may not be any scientific proof that using urine as a replacement for modern medicine works, many people believe in urine therapy. There are two ways urine is used in urine therapy. Internal application is when you consume urine by drinking it. External application is when you use urine on the skin. Urine is sterile, and is made up of 95% water, 2.5% urea, and a 2.5% mixture of hormones, minerals, salt, and enzymes. Although urine therapy is practiced throughout the world, it is rarely ever talked about in public. In today’s society there are many people who both use urine therapy daily as a beauty regimen, or for good health, and those who use urine therapy as need as medication. Some believe that human urine has strengthening and curative characteristics concerning many deficiencies. Some believe urine therapy is practiced as justification for a urine fetish. While yet others just think it’s plain disgusting.

Treatments that human urine is used for include:

Hair Loss is prevented by mixing fresh urine, powered sulpher and potato’s together, and applying the mixture to the scalp.
Throat inflammations are treated by gargling a mixture of fresh urine, and saffron.
Trembling hands and feet are treated by rubbing fresh, warm urine into the skin, and not washing it off.
Drinking fresh urine in the morning for 9 days is believed to cure scurvy.
Washing your eyes with fresh urine is used to cure sore eyes.
Washing your hands with warm fresh urine is said to cure numbness, chaps, sores, and makes joints more limber. Washing means pouring urine on your hands as you would if it was water, and not using any soap.
Dabbing fresh urine of fresh wounds as you would peroxide is said to make the wound heal faster.
For tired painful eyes are treated by placing a few drops of fresh urine in the eye.
Four day old urine is used as a ear drop to cure ear infections, and ear aches.
By rubbing urine into your scalp and allowing it to set for 30 minutes is said to get rid of dandruff.
By rubbing fresh morning urine onto your face it is believe to get rid of blemishes such as pimples, and leave the skin soft acting as a facial moisturizer.
It is also believed that fresh morning urine applied to the face daily, acts are a wrinkle reducer, allowing you to look more youthful longer.

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According to author John Armstrong in the book “The water of life” published in 1971, he states “urea is found in many facial creams. He also adds that several types of elegant European soaps contain urine. Those who practice UT (urine therapy) say that your own urine works best, and to never consume another persons urine. It is also advised that you catch your urine mid stream. The first part of the urine stream isn’t the cleanest, and the end of the stream contains sediment.

Is urine just another human waste product, or are we flushing away the fountain of youth. Could it be possible that those who drink urine for beauty reasons be so afraid of growing out, that in desperation they’ll try anything? Urine therapy can not be scientifically prove, but that doesn’t mean it don’t work for some people. The mind is a powerful thing, and perhaps believing with all your heart that urine therapy works, is where the cure actually lies.