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Transformers Birthday Invitations

Thank You Cards

Transformers are really hot with kids right now because of the recent Transformers movies being made. If your child is having a birthday party and they enjoy the robots that help save the world, then you should think about throwing them a Transformer birthday party. There are several ways you can decorate, you can even buy or make a cake with a transformer on it. If you have decided to go with a Transformer theme, then you need to buy Transformer invitations. Invitations are what guest’s first see for a party and the right invitation can get them excited about the party. This article will detail five of the best Transformer birthday invitations.

Transformers Birthday Invitations #1: Photo Invitation

Image Invites offers buyers a transformer themed invitation that has a picture of YOUR child on it. The invitation is in flat card format and has a picture of your child on the right hand side. On the left hand side is a picture of one of the transformers. The border of the card is red. Most of your party details are printed at the bottom of the card, with some details at the top. Each card is $1 dollar.

Transformers Birthday Invitations #2: Invitations and Thank you Cards

American Party Outlet sells a two pack of transformer cards. One card pack is invitations and the other is thank you cards. So when your child is done with their party, they can send thank you cards for the gifts they received. The cards have pictures of the cartoon transformers on it. They are fill in your own information as opposed to having a website print it for you. Each pack has 8 cards with envelopes. They cost $4.49.

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Transformers Birthday Invitations #3: Lots of Transformers Invitation

Sometimes you simply can’t find what you’re looking for and that’s when it’s time to turn your search to eBay. Cathleen’s Creations (a seller who has a store on eBay) sells a festive invitation that has three transformers on it. One at the very top and one on the left and right hand side of the car. The details of your party are mainly printed at the bottom of the card with one line at the very top. Ten invitations with white envelopes cost $7.99 and you can order as many invites (in sets of 10) as you need.

Transformers Birthday Invitations #4: Revenge of the Fallen Invitations

Max Costumes.com offers buyers Revenge of the Fallen Invitations. They are fold over print your own information cards. The front of the invitation is of a transformer head. It says “You’re Invited!” The inside of the card has lines where you can write your party information. A pack of eight invitations with envelopes is $3.95.

Transformers Birthday Invitations #5: Fighting Scene

Image Invites.com sells a flat card invitation that has a fighting scene between two transformers. It is also a photo card invitation and a picture of your child is printed on the left hand side. Your party details go at the top and bottom of the card. A white envelope is included. Each invitation is $1 dollar.