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Top 6 Stores in Central Maryland for Birthday Party Supplies

Birthday Party Supplies

Planning a memorable birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful. Selecting the right store to purchase a coordinated theme is key to a grand event.

Party Warehouse, Silver Spring, MD; The store is dedicated to your celebration. Huge selections of everything you need for a party. Adult, Child, Weddings or any holiday themes, this should be your first stop. Thinking of a specific color? Find hundreds of colors to choose from when coordinating your occasion. There are many comic book themes with balloons to match. This store offers a multitude of options and makes it easier in planning a memorable party. Prices are average to high, depending on what themes and items you choose.

Party City, Laurel, MD; Find just about everything for a party, from decorations to party favors to paper cups and plates. They carry holiday specific decorations for holiday parties. At Halloween, a great selection of costumes and costume supplies are available. An entire wedding section is available and you can order your wedding invitations from them. Price ranges are average depending on your selection of party favors and themes. It can be as low as $2.99 and up.

The Party Store, Waldorf, MD; disposable tableware from utensils to color coordinated tablecloths are abundantly available. This store sells piñata’s in different varieties, priced from $29.99 and up. Merchandise changes seasonally, so customers find holiday-specific decorations year-round. Pricing is available for any budget. Starting as low as $2.99 and up

Factory Card Outlet, District Heights, MD; The name of the store doesn’t begin to explain what they provide. A huge card selection accompanied by party favors, tableware and all kinds of decorations. What I like about this store is there is always an assortment of party bundles. You can purchase a themed set of invitations, thank you cards, tableware and utensils and gift bags. It’s all well coordinated for a great themed birthday party or event. You can coordinate with Hanna Montana, Spiderman and other characters. You can also personalize gifts, stationary for the party and more. Pricing starts low at $1.09

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Michael’s, Bowie, MD; This is the superstore for everything unique. Have an idea for a great party with one-of-a-kind decorations? Go to Michael’s and create your own. The store carries all types of arts and crafts to create your own assortment of birthday fun. How about a thank you card with the birthday child’s stamp of approval on it? Purchase a stamp with their name on it to personalize the cards. What about a piñata filled with party favors or candy? They can start at a low of $29.99. Michael’s is always well stocked and carries an assortment of themed items. They carry party themed decorations, invitations, gift bags and more. Pricing is moderate and most items will start mid-range at $4.00

Wal-mart, Clinton, MD; Whether its last minute shopping items for those party favors, decorations or invitations, Wal-mart will always have something available. Not many options to choose from but if you’re on a budget and strapped for time, you can definitely find items at this store. Pricing starts low at $1.99 and up.