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These Body Language Clues Reveal What People Are Really Thinking

Body Language

Ever wish you could read someone’s mind? We all have that wish and it can come true if you learn to read certain clues people give in their body language . Everyone subconsciously reveals what we are really thinking with these body language clues, learn what the clues mean and you’ll know what the other person really thinks!

Head Tilts While Talking

While in a conversation with someone, watch for the body language clue of a tilting head. If the other person’s head tilts to either side, even if it’s just a fraction of an inch, that person trusts you. A tilted head subconsciously reveals vulnerability because it exposes more of the jugular vein to the other person.

A Person Leans Closer To You

When another person leans closer to you while standing or scoots over to be closer to you while sitting, that person likes you. Their body language is telling you they want to be closer to you. If you want to know if someone likes you, lean closer to them to gauge their reaction. If they remain still or lean closer towards you, they like you. If they scoot away they are feeling wary of you.

Talking to a Nose Toucher

If someone is frequently touching their nose while talking, they are most likely lying. When a person gets anxious the heart beats faster, the increased blood flow causes nasal tissue to swell (swelling is minimal and unnoticeable) and begin to itch. A person can hide anxious feelings and tell a believable story, however the nose touching is body language that is a give away to the lying.

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Mime This

When you are with someone who is miming (copying) many or all of your moves, that person is trying to impress you and wants you to like them. If you aren’t sure if a person is copying you try an experiment – cross and uncross legs or arms or change the location of your hands to see if the person is miming you.

The Eyes Have It

The eyes give several clues about the other person’s truthfulness, deceitfulness or if they’re really having a good time. Shifty eyes followed by intense eye contact while talking usually means a lie is being told. The eyes shift while the person is concocting the lie in their mind, then they over compensate with too much eye contact in an attempt to appear truthful.

Blinking Too Much or Too Little

Blinking way too many times or not blinking is a subtle body language clue that let’s you know the person is hiding something. The normal brain energy used to regulate blinking is being used by the person to consciously conceal something. Count the blinks to determine if the whole truth is being told.

Dilated Pupils Means Someone is Happy

Naturally dilated pupils (no substances involved) is a body language clue telling you the other person is happy and enjoying the moment.