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The Best Songs for a Road Trip Soundtrack

Road Trip Soundtrack

Whether you are a road enthusiast or a family planning a cross-country vacation or this may be a “rite of passage” kind of road trip you’ll want to have some accompanying music for you and your fellow passengers to listen to. Some music is more aptly suited for long stretches, such as a road trip, whether it be within a state such as the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway or cross-country along Interstate 10 from Florida to California. This road trip soundtrack features the Top 10 songs I have chosen for such an occasion, since I have been on many road trips myself and can speak from experience. Now let us begin.

10.) Wild, Wild West – Escape Club: I think it personifies a pioneering spirit, much like those pioneers back in the 1800’s who ventured out west for a new life. The song starts out with a rhythmic beat and a great bass line. You hear the sound effect of a gun going off at various intervals and it closes with a gun shot. Also, it has a catchy hook and reminds me of my road trip many moons ago going cross country. The song makes me think of that time whenever it’s played on my local 80’s-90’s radio station.

9.) Country Roads – John Denver: Talk about one of the best songs for a road trip. You may not like John Denver’s music, but this is by far his greatest song. The lyrics are incredibly descriptive. Again, this is another song I heard while growing up during a road trip across the country. It would always come on the radio in whatever town we drove through. I still have those fond memories when I hear it playing to this day.

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8.) Ventura Highway – America: An incredibly beautiful and mellow song with some amazing acoustic guitars and harmonies. The lyrics are extremely vivid for driving along on a highway, interstate, or any other major thoroughfare.

7.) Black Velvet – Alannah Myles: Let’s slow things down even more with a sexy, sultry, and soulful love song about Elvis. The title of the song refers to the paintings of Elvis on a black velvet background that’s been sold at many roadsides and flea markets throughout the country. It also has other numerous adulation references to Elvis. I like this song, because I heard it during a road trip for the first time. Alannah has a superb voice. It’s too bad she did not have many more hit songs.

6.) Life in a Northern Town – Dream Academy: When I first heard this song it gave me chills. It starts off very slow and then builds up to the powerful chorus that you can’t help but sing along to. It’s a good song to have on at night while driving. There is something kind of haunting about it. Believe it or not I heard it on the radio during a road trip, that’s why it’s so unforgettable to me.

5.) Low Rider – War: You can’t help but get caught up in this infectious song about cruising, but a road trip will suffice. I like the part when it says “Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with me.” The vocalist takes the title of the song literally by singing in a very low key. It has a nice mid-tempo groove you won’t be able to keep still.

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4.) Disco Inferno – The Trammps: You could say this is a definite “pedal to the metal” kind of song that is very upbeat, rhythmic, and energetic. You’ll want this song to be around whenever your road trip gets to be a bore. It will surely wake everybody up, especially during the marathon “all-nighter” driving.

3.) Take It Easy – The Eagles: Lyrically this is the prefect soundtrack to a road trip about being on the road, appropriately enough. You can easily sing along to it. This offers a nice, slow change of pace after some intense driving in unfamiliar areas.

2.) Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees: I’ll now bring it up a notch with a song that has a cautionary title most fitting for driving at high speeds on any expressway, interstate, or whatever busy open road you’re on. Even though “Stayin’ Alive” is about surviving in a big city, more specifically New York City, it can apply to surviving on the road. You may have heard this recently, but the song has the exact rhythm of a human heart beat and is used for CPR chest compressions.

1.) Living in America – James Brown: I vividly remember when I first heard this song I was enroute to Los Angeles while traveling from Florida to California. It literally got my attention! This is a great way to be closing in on your final destination and a fitting way to end your road trip experience. This song will definitely get you pumped up from start to finish from the immortal Godfather of Soul himself, James Brown.

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You are just about set to go on the road for yet another road trip or your very first one. All of these truly memorable road trip soundtrack songs can be downloaded at www.amazon.com and www.iTunes.com . Have fun and please remember, drive carefully.