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Ten Ways to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Detangler, Wet Hair

1. Keep your hair clean, this is very important for beautiful hair. If your hair is not washed properly or you go for more than a day or two between washings your hair may get greasy and dirty and will not look healthy. Proper care begins with clean hair.

2. Eating as balanced diet is very important for your hair to look and be healthy. If you aren’t getting the vitamins you need you hair isn’t getting the vitamins it needs and may lead to hair loss or other problems.

3. Have your hair trimmed every three months. This will help cut down on split ends and uneven hair.

4. Be aware that coloring your hair may dry it out. The use of blow dryers, curling irons, and straight irons may also damage your hair. Let your hair air dry when you can. If you want highlights, the best and mildest way is to wash your hair, then apply lemon juice to your wet hair and go outside in the sun and let it air dry. Do this a few times for the desired effect you want.

5. Use an anti frizz cream to tame those split ends and make your hair appear smoother. Dove Smooth & Soft anti-frizz cream works really well for this. You can buy the more expensive brands form the hair salon but if the less expensive brands work just as well, why would you?

6. If you use alot of styling gels, hairsprays ect, you need to make sure you get all of those products out of your hair. You could use a clarifying shampoo once a week or you could just add a tsp. of baking soda to your regular shampoo mix it in a small cup and use it that day. This will make your hair shinier also.

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7. Do not vigorously rub your hair dry, this may damage it. Instead blot your hair with the towel and let air dry. If you have very long hair don’t try to comb your hair while it’s soaking wet, it’s better to let it get at least half way dry so you don’t cause split ends when combing it.

8. Put on a deep conditioning treatment once a week. This will keep your hair looking shiny, healthy and full of body.

9. Brush your hair before you go to bed. Especially if you have shoulder length hair or longer. The brushing will promote circulation. The best way to do this is to bend over with your head down and brush from the back to the front, this will also get rid of dirt particles, pollen and anything that might be in your hair. Brush at least sixty strokes or more.

10. Use detangler on your wet hair after shampooing and a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. Brushing wet hair can cause breakage and damage your hair. A good detangler is Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave-in conditioner. The leave in conditioners seem to be the best and make detangling hair alot easier.

You don’t have to stick with one kind or brand of shampoo or conditioner. For a long time I used the same brand my mother did, then I grew up and tried all kinds of brands until I found one’s I liked. I still try new brands and different things for my hair.