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Ten Ways to Have Beautiful and Healthy Hair

1. Keep your hair clean, this is very important for beautiful hair. If your hair is not washed properly or you go for more than a day or two between washings your hair may get greasy and dirty and will not look healthy. Proper care begins with clean hair. 2. Eating as balanced diet is ...

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Quick Hairstyles for Today’s Busy Woman

“Mom, it’s time for ________________.” It might be preschool, breakfast, or a playdate, but whatever you fill in the blank with, the mornings in my house are hectic ones. As a mom to a toddler and a preschooler, I’m lucky if I get a shower in the mornings, let alone the chance to style my ...

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Johnson’s No More Tangles: A Review

Johnson’s No More Tangles is supposed to make detangling easier and manageability better, but it did neither for me. I tried using this product several times thinking I must be doing something wrong, but unfortunately it was the product that was faulty, not my application technique. Johnson’s No More Tangles spray detangler has already been ...