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Slumber Party Tips

Slumber Parties, Slumber Party

Planning a slumber party for your child seems like it would be an easy task. You get some food, plan a couple of activities and your finished. There are several things you can do, that will guarantee that your child’s goes as smoothly as possible. From food to activities, planning in advance makes a world of difference.

When planning a slumber party, the first thing you should consider is whether or not you will be giving invitations. Personally, I prefer to have my daughter hand out invitations, it looks nicer and you are more likely to get an accurate RSVP count. Invitations, can also be the first step in planning your evenings activities. When making invitations I always list the recommended items to bring, including activity items, like CD’s, DVD’s and games. Pre-teen and teenage girls,will spend a majority of the evening listening to music regardless of what other activities they are participating in, so having a variety of music is wise.

The activities you plan for your slumber party are essential to your party running smoothly. Karaoke, is probably one of the most popular activities at slumber parties, kids always have fun participating in this regardless of age or ability. If you don’t own a karaoke machine, most digital cable companies have karaoke on demand. Additionally, karaoke games can be purchased for fairly inexpensive and most of the time they plug right into your TV.

Make overs are another fun way to pass time during your slumber party. You can do manicures, pedicures, hair and make-up. If you don’t have a wide variety of colors at home, you can usually purchase these items for inexpensive at a dollar store or Walmart. Then you can let the girls select colors to use and they can take their selections home with them as a party favor.

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Another game that is always a winner at slumber parties, is called “Do you really know me”. Do you really know me is very easy to set up, and only requires paper, pencils and a hat. All the children write down questions on pieces of paper and then they sit in a circle and pass the hat around drawing a question out on their respective turns. Sample questions would be, ” What is your favorite color?” or ” Where have you traveled in your lifetime?” . Older girls may ask questions like ” Who do you have a crush on? ” or ” What is your deepest secret? ” this game lasts for awhile and the kids have such a good time learning more about their friends.

Food is another important aspect of slumber parties, I tend to lean towards all the fun junk foods, because it’s just one night. However, if your opposed to serving junk food the most important thing when selecting foods to keep in mind is to offer a variety of choices. Different kids have different tastes, and I actually had a slumber party recently with a little girl who hated pizza. For the most part I try to serve finger type foods, I always start with pizza. Sometimes I buy it frozen, because that saves a ton of money. Having a variety of styles is a must, I usually offer pepperoni,cheese,and a green pepper. Chicken fingers are another good finger food to consider, most kids like them, you can purchase them inexpensively in bulk and offer a couple of different sauces to go with them. That should take care of any of the guests who won’t or don’t want to eat pizza. After covering the main course you move on to snack items. Popcorn in my opinion is a must, you can dump it a large bowl and serve it while they watch movies. Chips, pretzels and other salty snacks are usually pretty popular among kids and are easily served in bowls as well. I try to steer clear of candy for two reasons, when over eaten I have had some kids get sick at my home and the sugar is just an unwelcome additive to an already excitable group. Sometimes, depending on the occasion I will offer cupcakes, but only if it’s a birthday party too.

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Having a slumber party is an exciting event for most kids. There is something about spending the whole night hanging out with their friends, that gets them all fired up. Planning the perfect slumber party is not only essential to it running smoothly, but it’s exciting and fun for your child.