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The Best Dollar Stores in Hartford, Connecticut

While not necessarily every item in stock at dollar stores in Hartford, Connecticut retails for one dollar, many, many useful, functional and unusual items at these stores are priced at one dollar. Quite often, the generic, or small- label varieties of products available at Hartford, Ct dollar stores retail for one- quarter of the retail ...

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The Great Benefits of Shopping at Five Below Stores

Dollar stores have been very popular destinations to buy everyday items and holiday gifts at a low price. In 2002, one new store changed the choices made by consumers when it comes to shopping for the holidays and any regular time of the year. The store was called Five Below. Since then, this value retail ...

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Central New York Dollar Stores Compared

Dollar stores are classified as retails stores that offer all of their products for a dollar or less. Throughout Central New York, the past few years have brought an abundance of dollar stores. Dollar stores continue to gain shoppers and many are beginning to expand their product lines. There are three main dollar store chains ...