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Safe Ways to Carve a Bar of Ivory Soap

Ivory, Ivory Soap

Carving is a fun and relaxing hobby, and many of the most talented carvers began with a bar of Ivory soap and safe, simple tools. This is a fantastic project that kids can enjoy working on alone or in a group setting. With proper care the finished work of art will not deteriorate. On the contrary, it will become harder. Read on to discover safe ways to carve a bar of Ivory soap, and introduce kids to a pastime that could result in a talent for carving and creating all sorts of dimensional works of art.

Precautionary Statement

Kids allowed to carve any material should be supervised at all times. They should also receive instructions on the proper ways to hold and use carving tools before beginning.

Use a Potato Peeler to Carve a Bar of Ivory Soap

When looking for safe ways to carve a bar of Ivory soap, try using a potato peeler to whittle down the corners and sides. A potato peeler can still cause physical harm, but it is a safe alternative to a paring knife. Encourage kids to hold the peeler properly, and do not allow them to use the pointed end. Although it is safe when used correctly, it could slip and cause a serious injury when the pointed end is used.

A Pumpkin Carver is a Safe Alternative to a Knife

A pumpkin carver is also a safe tool that can be used to carve a bar of Ivory soap – if it is used with care. It can be used to whittle down the bar of Ivory soap to create just the right shape, and the tip can be used to create fine details. They are typically made of plastic, and they work just as well as a knife when carving semi-soft items.

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Use Clay Shaping Tools to Carve a Bar of Ivory Soap

Tools used for shaping clay can also be used to carve Ivory soap. They can still cut or stab the skin, but they are generally safe compared to a knife, especially plastic tools. They can be found in craft stores as well as online, and they are reasonably priced.

An Orange Peeler is a Safe Tool for Kids

When seeking safe ways to carve Ivory soap, try a plastic orange peeling tool. It can be used to whittle away the bar and to make fine details. Each end has a purpose, and they both provide a safe way to carve Ivory soap or any other soft material.

Use Wooden Toothpicks to Carve Details

A simple wooden toothpick is the ultimate tool for creating very fine details on Ivory soap, and it is safe compared to the pointed end of a sharp knife. Use it to create features and texture on the Ivory soap designs. This safe method for creating details will work better than any other pointed item.