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Are you crying your heart out because you can’t access your facebook when you so desperately need to post a shout-out? FB blocking is common nowadays much to the dismay of many avid users. But don’t lose hope just yet, as there is a way to unblock facebook with a facebook proxy. In this article you will learn the different kinds of proxy servers and how this will help you bypass facebook, and resume the freedom of facebooking.

The Facebook Phenomenon

FB is probably one of the most popular networking sites of today. The FB phenomenon is continuously spreading like wildfire to all levels of generation, from grade school students to senior citizens. Almost everyone is dancing to the tune of the FB fever. After all, it is not just merely a social networking site. As time evolved, FB has also become a goldmine to internet marketers, business owners and even just regular individuals who utilize facebook as a platform to promote their products and services.

Due to the uncontrollable nature of avid facebookers, most companies, organizations and schools have blocked facebook in their system to prevent employees or students from losing focus on their respective responsibilities. Facebook has also been blocked to some Countries that claimed FB is being used as a platform to voice out anti-government opinions. This normal course of occurrence had sent a lot of people desperate to find solutions to this issue. Fortunately, there is a way to unblock facebook and it is easier than you think.

Understanding the type of proxy servers

Basically, you will find two types of proxy servers that you can use for facebook proxy. The first one is a web proxy which is the most common and easier to install. The web proxy is just a simple website where you can load from your browser then enter the URL of facebook . It is so easy to use and it doesn’t require any software to download or any registration to fill out. The web proxy will also protect your privacy, security and anonymity. Information on your location, your browser type, operating system and IP address is completely eliminated. The web proxy will bypass facebook and all network filters and firewalls. The second type of proxy server that you can use is the HTTP proxy. This type of proxy will require you to set up your web browser to be able to access the proxy IP. You can then access facebook using the proxy IP.

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Where to find the best facebook Proxy

You will find a lot of web proxies on the internet to access blocked sites. However, due to the number of proxies being offered online, you wouldn’t know the extent of their reliability and quality. One of the best proxies you can find that is solely dedicated to facebook is www.facesaver.net . This facebook proxy will help you unblock facebook so you can enjoy your freedom to social accessibility. This site won’t only give you mere access to facebook, but will also protect you from threat of recording tracks, and ultimately give you a fast browsing experience. To know more about how you can unblock facebook, you can go to www.facesaver.net for more information.