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Quenching Your Thirst: Sam’s Club Bottled Water VS. Aquafina Bottled Water

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Drinking water, especially in summer time, is very important. Not only do you need to keep yourself hydrated, but it is also an excellent choice drink if you want to stay in shape. One of the main problems that we have in my home, however, is not being able to drink the household sink water because of its disgusting taste. What this means is that I have to constantly buy bottled water. Two of the types of bottled water which I have personally come to love are Sam’s Club and Aquafina. Here, I will tell you why I love these two brands.

Sam’s Club bottled water is a great choice for anyone who is interested in buying bottled water but who is also on a bit of a budget, as it is the most inexpensive bottled water that I have found to date. I must say that, when it comes to Sam’s Club bottled water, you will not regret the amount of money that you spend on it. It is my own personal favorite bottled water choice. The taste of Sam’s Club bottled water is of really good quality, which is the main reason that I enjoy it so much. It tastes the most purified, and on a hot day, it always seems to refresh me the most.

One of the main downfalls of Sam’s Club bottled water is the fact that you can only buy it at select stores – those which sell Sam’s Club products. In my area, the only places where I am able to find Sam’s Club bottled water are Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club. I do not know of any other stores which sell this bottled water.

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Aquafina is another bottled water brand which I have come to love. It just about as refreshing as Sam’s Club, which is why I continue to buy it. The taste is incomparable to many of the other types of bottled water which I have tried out. Although it is a bit more expensive than Sam’s Club, I would also have to say that the cost of this bottled water is well worth it.

Another one of the main advantages of Aquafina is the fact that both of my daughters enjoy it. No one in my household can ever seem to agree on anything, which is why it seems so amazing that they both enjoy the same bottled water brand. When I buy Aquafina, things go a bit smoother around the house because they both actually agree on something.

One of the thing that makes Aquafina more preferable to me is the fact that I can find it when I go shopping easier than Sam’s Club. In fact, you can find Aquafina at just about any local grocer, whereas you can only find Sam’s Club at select grocers. This is a huge advantage for me, because I do not enjoy doing all of my shopping at Wal-Mart and I am not a member of Sam’s Club.

I would choose both Aquafina and Sam’s Club bottled water over Deer Park, Dasani, Nestlea, Poland Springs, and Evian. I think that many of these types of bottled water brands leave a strange taste in your mouth once you have finished drinking them. I found that both Sam’s Club and Aquafina do not do that, which is why I really like them the best.

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On hot days in summer when we feel the need to be refreshed by cold ice water, it is important to have bottled water brands available that we really like. I personally would recommend either Sam’s Club or Aquafina to just about anyone who is looking to try out a new type of bottled water that they will enjoy.