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Men’s Fitted Hat Styles for Fall 2009

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Men’s fitted hats have greatly risen in popularity over the past years. They have gone from being an expensive luxury to a staple in modern men’s daily fashion. These hats sport various logos and designs that accentuate the wearer’s outfit and are quickly becoming an important piece of clothing in many men’s attire. The hats listed in this article are all elegantly designed and are crafted from the highest quality materials.

1) Electric Gooch New Era Fitted Hat

This hat is available in two tweed color ways. Black tweed pattern with a black embroidered Electric logo on the front and Gray tweed pattern with a bright gold embroidered Electric logo on the front. Since this is a New Era fitted cap, of course the New Era logo is embroidered on the side of the hat in the same color as the front logo. This hat is available in all fitted sizes and comes with a sweat band built-in. For only $44, this stylish men’s fitted cap can be yours. Pick one up here.

2) Volcom New Era Hand Text

This hat is available in two solid colors. Kelly green and khaki are the two color choices. The Volcom logo encased in a circle is embroidered on the front of the hat and the words “Volcom Stone” are embroidered in lines across the hat. The color of the embroidery on the kelly green hat is white, while the color of the embroidery on the khaki hat is black. This hat is available in all sizes and costs $50; get it here.

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3) Domo Big Face Fitted Hat

This hat is a must for any Domo fan, or anybody who enjoys popular Japanese mascots. This hat is light brown and has a gaping open Domo mouth with two of the hat buttons colored black to look like eyes. This hat just looks cool and is popular with a wide audience of people. For $22, this stylish hat is priced to sell. Get it here.