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How to Get Hilary Duff’s Hairstyle

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Sophisticated yet youthful, Hilary Duff’s hairstyle is easy to emulate. She keeps her youthful vitality the main focus by sticking with simple styles that let her features shine through. Hilary’s choices in style tend to be straight or slightly wavy when she wears her hair down. Up do’s are elegant and simple, and generally pulled to the crown, leaving Hilary’s natural radiance as the focus.

Hilary Duff sometimes wears a brunette color but it is her natural honey blonde color that is most recognizable. Worn in long layers that begin at the ear lobes, her style is usually center-parted. Hilary’s bangs are short and straight, framing her face perfectly. One of the more frequently seen and easily recognizable styles Hilary sports is the back comb.

Getting Started

The only things you will need to emulate Hilary’s hairstyle are a cutting comb or tail comb and a medium to large sized jaw clip. Stat with clean, dry hair parted down the center. Using the comb, separate off a horseshoe-shaped section of hair starting at the back of the crown of the head. Clip to hold this chunk of hair on top of the head.

How to Back Comb

Now take about a one-inch width lock of hair from the back of this section and hold it up straight. Begin to back comb it by combing from the midpoint of the lock toward the roots in a downward motion. This bunches up the shorter hairs near the scalp and forms a foundation at the scalp. Let the rest of the lock fall to the back. Smooth the rest of the lock with your comb. Take another section from the clip and continue the back combing, letting each lock fall back and smoothing it with the comb. Work your way forward until all the hair from the crown has all been back combed this way.

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Also back comb a lock or two from each side of the head to give a uniform appearance to the shape of the head. Smooth out the overall appearance. You may need to use the tail of the comb to prod sections of the hair to lift a bit.

Using a mousse, like Paul Brown Hawaii – Mousse Gel, can help with hold and a myriad of other hair issues. A light hair spray like my favorite, Paul Mitchell Super Clean Light Hairspray, which retails for about $11, provides a touchable, natural feel while providing long-lasting hold.

If you’re really after that Hilary Duff look, you could try adopting her hair color too. Her shade of light blonde is available at most salons but is best suited to fair-skinned complexions. Adding even lighter blond highlights will put the finishing touch on your Hilary Duff hair style.