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Got Cancer? Why You Should Drink Pau D’arco Tea!

pau d'arco

I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer which had metastasized to my liver and given an average of 6 months to live…that was almost 7 years ago.
I firmly believe I am alive today as a result of drinking pau d’arco tea. This is a brief outline of the properties and benefits of pau d’arco tea in laymans terms and why in my opinion anyone diagnosed with Cancer (or many other serious disease’s) should drink the tea.

Pau d’arco bark contains many germ-killing substances. The incredible healing effects that pau d’arco tea has become known for are the result of the complex interactions of the inner barks many properties. That is why it is important to take the time to make and drink the tea in its complete and natural form. Many times the so called “active” substance is isolated and stripped away from a plant or herb and manipulated into something completely different from its natural form….losing all the synergistic activity that good old Mother Nature intended. The healing substances found within pau d’arco are very significant when taken by Cancer victims. They can inhibit tumor growth, kill cancer cells and prevent metastases. Bernhard Kreher a Munich researcher wrote his doctoral work on the immuno stimulating effects of Pau d’arco and found that the body’s defense system activity increased by more than 48% when Pau d’arco was regularly consumed. Pau d’arco contains a large amount of iron and calcium which help oxygenate and strengthen the bodies tissue and immune system. It also contains selenium a powerful anti-oxidant that removes free radicals which can damage cells and trigger disease – including Cancer.

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Pau d’arco tea has a holistic effect on the body, meaning the whole body is detoxified. Harmful toxic substances, including heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives and even the residue from chemotherapy are more thoroughly eliminated. Blood vessels, the lymph system, cells, tissue and organs are all cleaned and detoxified allowing the bodies systems to function properly and efficiently.

Despite careful research there are no reports of any negative interactions of Pau d’arco with medications...Pau d’arco instead has demonstrated that it can combine with and enhance many other herbal applications…that is why many herbal blends contain pau d’arco among their ingredients.
One of the great benefits I found was that you feel and see the tea working so fast, my first scan was about 6 weeks after starting to drink the pau d’arco tea and it already showed significant tumor shrinkage….it is also very easy to prepare…

Brewing Instructions

In a stainless steel or glass pot add 3 tablespoons of Pau d’arco to 1 quart/liter of water (I always brew a gallon at a time), bring the liquid to a full boil with the lid on…then keeping the lid on reduce the heat so the tea is at a gentle boil for 25 minutes…let it cool and pour through a funnel and tea strainer into sterilized bottles, you can sterilize any bottle by heating it in the oven at 225 degrees for 10 minutes, I found a great source for bottles in washed out liquor bottles .
Refrigeration is optional as the strong anti bacterial properties in the tea prevent any spoiling…I just sit mine on the counter because I think it tastes better at room temperature.

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It is recommended that if you are drinking the tea for cancer reasons then a minimum of four, eight ounce cups per day should be drank, I consumed six or seven cups on average per day until the tumors were no longer visible on the scans, then fell back to my present dose of 2-3 cups per day…
Incidently I also can’t remember the last time I caught a cold even though many around me have been hacking and sneezing…another great benefit of the strong anti-bacteria and virus killing properties found in the tea.

The most important thing is to buy quality pau d’arco…you want the correct species Tabebuia Avellanedae 100% inner bark in a fine grind…I searched for and tried many pau d’arco sources, some offer it for as little as $5 per pound but believe me you get what you pay for…the less expensive tea tasted very weak and came as shavings or lumps of bark …not at all like the proper fine grind. I know of only two sources in North America that directly import from Brazil the correct species of fine grind inner bark… Herb-Care and Prince. Of course there are no 100% guarantees of a cure but many people have beaten the odds using this tea ….and happily I can say I am one of them!

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