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Goody Colour Collection Hair Products

Goody, Hair Products

I often purchase Goody hair products. I use their grips or bobby pins to hold my hair when I do it in a French pleat. I buy the brunette color ones, as my hair was originally brown, has gray, and blonde highlights. The brunette colour collection seem to blend in better with my combination hair.

One of the colour brunette colour collection items I bought was 4 hair slides. I am not sure if that is the American word for them, but it is the British one. They are the hair accessories that you slide under a piece of your hair, hold it firm, and then bring the top piece down, and lock your hair into it. The card of Goody hair slides/clips I purchased comes in a card of 4. They normally retail for almost $3 and I bought mine for 70 cents.

Sometimes the sides of my hair are slightly too short to go into my French Pleat, so I use one of these hair slides to hold it in place. I then do the same with the other side of my hair, to ensure that they match. They normally stay in place all day long and I don’t have to worry about the sides of my hair falling down. It also saves me money on hairspray.

They are metal slides and two of the slides are a bronze colour and the other two are more of a mid brown shade. They are shiny metal slides.

If I am not going out and feeling lazy, I sometimes use two of these slides to hold the back of my hair. One for the bottom half of the French pleat and the other for the top part. I then pull the left side of my hair over them, and then secure the hair with the other two slides. The French pleat isn’t as big, or as full doing it this way, but it does save me using at least a dozen or more of the hair grips.

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What Goody have to say about their Colour Collection products:

“When you walk into a room your hair says a lot about you. Goody developed this collection of brunette hair accessories just for you. Each item comes in a range of shades to perfectly complement your unique colour. From a classic ponytail to today’s stylish updos, good hair can take you anywhere!”

I find that the Goody line of hair products last a long time. Their hair grips last longer than no name brands. The hair slides have kept their color and shine. I was really pleased to be able to pick up several items in their line of products for a bargain price.

Please note that they have a warning that these could be a choking hazard for children under three.

Goody Products Inc.,
400 Galleria Parkway,
Suite 1100,
GA 30339.

Check them out at www.goody.com