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Frederick, Maryland’s 4th of July Celebration


Beautiful, historic Frederick knows how to do it up right when it comes to the 4th. The city is deeply rooted in civil war history, so the nation’s day of independence is understood in a special way, deep in the hearts of these patriotic citizens.

The day’s festivities take place Tuesday, July 4th, in the heart of downtown Frederick at Baker Park, located at the corner of Bentz and Second Street. The main events begin at noon and continue until 10 p.m. but if you intend to be in the chili cook-off or the volleyball tournament you’d better get an early rise. There will be plenty to do for adults and kids all day leading up to the fireworks display which is to take place around 9:15 p.m.

For Kids
There will be tons of activities for kids including: a carousel, train ride, petting zoo, dunk tank, and more. There are always various food and refreshment booths around the park but there will also be a peanut butter and jelly tent for kids.

For Families
Culler Lake, which wraps around Baker Park, features canoe; kayak; and paddle boat rentals for family fun. This is a great way to sit back, enjoy the park, and take in some music. Boat rides continue from noon ’till 10 p.m.; consider renting a boat just as the fireworks are about to go off to have a great view from the water.

The gladiator joust, rock climbing wall, or volleyball tournament are also great family choices and when you’re done you can head over to the Edward P. Municipal Pool next door to cool off.

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The best part of the 4th of July celebration in Frederick is the music and it’s great to share with friends and family. Bring a couple lawn chairs, a big blanket, some snacks, pick a style of music that suits you, and get comfy at one of the music stages.

There are four stages total, offering various types of music all day long-ska; country; metal; and rock are just a few of the styles that will be featured. The headlining act on the mainstage will be former Bad Company frontman Brian Howe and opening for him will be Great Train Robbery. The headliner on the country stage is Jamie O’Neal and her two opening acts will be The Cabalero Band and Dean Crawford. Head over to one of the other music stages if your taste is a little more alternative.

See a full schedule of the day’s events at Frederick’s Office of Special Events. Or, for more information, call (301) 694-2489.

Also, remember that Baker Park is right smack in the middle of downtown Frederick, so take a moment to walk around and see the shops or stop in to a bar for a meal or refreshment.

What’s Happening Nearby?
The little town of Brunswick, Maryland, roughly 15 minutes from Frederick, is holding their 4th of July celebration on Saturday, July 1st from 6:30 p.m.-10 p.m. There will be live music, swimming, and more. The fireworks will display at 9:30 p.m. at the Sports Complex on 99 Cummings Drive (13th Avenue).

For more information call (301) 834-7500.