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Fashion for Women in Their Mid 20’s

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One of the best parts about being a tween was graduating from Girl’s clothing sizes into Junior’s sizes. Unfortunately, nobody warned you that one day you’d have to make this transition again-from Junior’s sizes into Ladies sizes. One day it just dawns on you that you’re the oldest person trying on Wet Seal jeans.

Branch Out. Try shopping at clothing stores you’ve never visited before. That way you won’t have any preconceived notions about the store’s merchandise being too old or too young for you. Don’t be afraid to look at thrift shops, either.

Spoil Yourself. It may be bittersweet to leave Forever 21 behind, but if you buy hot, trendy new clothes that don’t fall apart in the wash, it’s a serious upgrade. Try looking at stores like New York and Co., White House Black Market and BCBG MAX AZRIA. Now that you’re a successful young woman, you can afford to shop at stores that would have broken the bank when you worked at Greasy Joe’s Pizza.

Don’t Feel Like You Have to Avoid the Junior’s Section. There’s no law that says you have to stop shopping in the Junior’s section when you hit a certain age. There are women in their fifties and sixties that fit into Junior’s sizes better than Women’s sizes. You may be the oldest person in the store, but so what? If you look good, feel confident, and your friends think you look good, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rock the Junior’s clothes. Just don’t buy shirts that say “Boy Crazy” or tops with serious cutouts.

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Phase Out the Hollister and Aeropostale. These clothes are geared toward teens, but if they’re still in your closet from when you were in college and they still fit, there’s no reason to dump them. Wear them to bed or to the gym or when you’re crashing around the house. Just don’t actively shop for these clothes at the mall after age 24.

Phase In Designer Brands. If you’re finally ready to rip off the Band-Aid and dump all of your Junior’s clothes, reward yourself by buying a piece of designer clothing. The whole transition is much easier when you’re replacing your old graphic tees with something from Dolce and Gabbana. If department store prices are out of your budget or you’re a bargain hunter, look for these items at upscale consignment shops and thrift stores.

When you were a teenager, you probably divided clothing stores into two camps: the fashionable, stylish Junior’s clothes you wore, and the frumpy, matronly Women’s clothes your mother wore. Fortunately, it’s not that cut and dried. Women in their mid-twenties and thirties have a lot of stylish clothing options. You just have to know how to find them.