Of the many diseases out there, liver disease is one of the scarier ones. And many people think that they’re safe from it. But this is not necessarily true.

What is it?

The liver is an internal organ of the body that fights off infections, aids digestion, eradicates toxic substances in the body, helps blood to clot; etc. Without your liver, you would die.

Diagnosing Liver Disease –

Only a physician can truly determine whether or not you have liver disease, but there are other ways to tell. The most common way to tell if you have liver disease is by your skin or eye color. If your skin or eyes have a yellow tinge to them, then this may be a sign of liver disease. This is also known as “jaundice”. Another way to tell if you have liver disease is if you feel full all the time. This could be an indication of a swollen liver.

If you notice that you bleed a lot (also known as a free bleeder), even on the most superficial of injuries, then you may have liver disease. And if your urine is always a dark color or if your stool is a pale color (or bloody), then this could also be a sign of liver disease. Keep in mind that what you eat can also determine your urine or stool color. So don’t panic unless the color always looks abnormal and bloody. Your doctor will know for certain.

Causes of Liver Damage

Liver disease can be caused by many factors. One of the more common ways to develop liver disease is by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Like binge drinking. This doesn’t mean you need to give up alcohol, but if you want to avoid damaging your liver, then try to keep it to just a few drinks. Other ways to contract liver disease are by sharing needles, and by having unsafe sex.

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When you have unsafe sex, you run the risk of contracting acute fulminant hepatitis (among other things). This disease could destroy your liver; especially, if it’s left untreated. Be aware that drugs can also destroy your liver, and not just illegal drugs. Allergy medications and other types of legal drugs can damage or destroy your liver with time if you use them improperly. This is especially true if you overdose or combine medications. And becoming obese can also cause your liver to fail with time.

Treatments –

Treating liver disease is possible for many. It will simply depend on what caused your liver disease. If your liver disease was caused by obesity, then you’ll need to lose weight. Medications are available as well. If the liver disease is serious, then you may require a liver transplant. You may have your entire liver replaced, or maybe just a portion of it.

The liver can regenerate itself, so it’s not always necessary to completely replace it. But if it’s really bad, then a full liver transplant may be necessary. After your transplant you can expect to lose about thirty to forty pounds, and you will have to take several different types of medications. If all goes well, then you may be able to get by on just a pill or two with time. These medications keep your body from rejecting the liver. Without them, your liver would be rejected; thus, you would perish.

Your liver is an integral part of your body that fights off a host of problems on a day to day basis. So treat it kindly because without it, you can’t exist.

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