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Effective and All Natural Treatment of the Scabies Rash

Oatmeal Bath, Scabies

After being diagnosed with the skin rash scabies, the odds are the primary care physician will prescribe a medication that will need to be obtained through a pharmacy. Many of these pharmaceutical grade creams are highly effective but are accompanied with serious warnings of toxicity. There use is limited to the prescribed amount and they may not work well at treating the symptoms that go along with the rash. Since over 60% of anything applied to human skin is absorbed into the body, many people may prefer a more natural alternative for the treatment of their scabies.

The chief alternative to the dominant prescribed medications is the all-natural anti-bacterial tea tree oil. It can be purchased from many drug or health food stores for a relatively low cost, often less than the fee for a prescription treatment. If waiting a week or more is an option, tea tree oil can easily be purchased on the Internet from a variety of sources. It has many redeeming qualities as an alternative remedy for scabies, including its natural ability to reduce the desire to scratch the wounds.

Once applied to the skin, tea tree oil will not only kill the scabies parasites but produce a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect as well. It will keep the skin healthy and moist while the scabies heal, and there is no concern about unnecessary chemicals being permeated into the body. If applying the oil full strength is not essential, adding it to a plain lotion will prove to be just as sufficient.

If another choice of mediation is needed for frequent symptom relief, an oatmeal bath will provide natural assistance. Oatmeal does not contain ingredients to kill the scabies, however it will be an effective and practical method to reduce the minor irritation that unfortunately coexists with scabies. It is also important for the infected to refrain from scratching, as it will most likely spread the rash to other parts of the body or to people who are in contact with the contaminated individual. There are many different techniques that use oatmeal naturally if purchasing an oatmeal-based product at the store is not an option.

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One way to calm the skin is to toss some oatmeal into clean cheesecloth or other fine netting, tie it closed, and place it into warm bath water. Adding a few drops of peppermint oil will produce a true cooling effect on the skin. After a good long soak in the tub, the oatmeal package can be placed directly onto the more irritated spots.

Another means to provide natural alleviation from pain and inflammation is to use tea tree oil in conjunction with the oatmeal. By making a paste out of the two ingredients along with some water, the scabies will be effectively eliminated while fighting the redness and swelling two-fold. A compress can also be made for sites on the skin that have increased levels of tenderness.

Believe it or not, boiling onions and applying the cooled water to the skin will also inhibit the aggravation of any soreness felt from the scabies. Onions contain quercetin, a natural component known for its adequate potential for comfort. Create a concentrated tonic by simply boiling 12 or more onions in a quart of water and cooling the liquid down to a tolerable level. Soak a clean cloth in the restorative liquid and place it on the area that needs attention. Alternately the quercetin rich fluid can be poured directly onto the body.

Since scabies are a living organism, another important component of treating the infection is to thoroughly wash all of the clothing and bedding associated with the contaminated person and household. It is quite common for an entire home to become afflicted with the disease, so a proper regimen is essential for curing it.

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Temperatures above 125 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the mites and can usually be achieved by using the hot water cycle on a standard household washing machine. Other options can aid the disinfection, such as soaking the clothing or bedding in a bleach solution if the type of fabric permits it. If a more natural method is desired, a weak solution of tea tree oil can help, as can hydrogen peroxide.

Whatever process is chosen, it is imperative to be consistent and dedicated to accurately kill the troublesome scabies parasite. Prescription medication is widely available for both elimination and symptom relief, however, there are numerous all-natural resources that can replace or accompany doctor prescribed medication.