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Disposable or Replaceable Razor Blades for Women?

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Every woman wants razor smooth legs. Unfortunately not every razor blade delivers. If you are looking for a good razor, either a disposable or one with replaceable blades, this product review comparing Noxzema and Venus razor blades is one to read.

Noxzema triple blade disposable razors come in neat, eye catching colors. You can purchase a package of four Noxzema razor blades for about five or six dollars (depending on where you shop) in new and limited edition citrus colors (perfect for summer) or a package of purple, blue, vibrant orange and pink razors. This razor blade has a soothing, aloe vera stripe above its three blades, which provides the user with protection from cuts and nicks during shaving. The Noxzema triple blade disposable razor is a quality disposable razor. Unlike the cheap pink throwaway kinds, Noxzema razors are made of sturdy plastic that do not bend or break. Its curved design allows the user to easily glide it across their legs or underarms while ensuring every area is covered. The ergonomic handle provides excellent control and performance, while giving you a close and comfortable shave. The blade area is slightly flexible, which allows it to move along the curves of your body. This is the best disposable razor that I have ever used.

The Venus Classic razor by Gillete is a wonderful razor with replaceable blades. If you prefer to hold onto your razors and just replace the blade, this is by far the best razor to purchase. While it is a more costly alternative to the Noxzema triple blade disposable razor, it is worth the money for a quality razor. This razor is the first in the line Venus line of Gillete products for women. The razor can be purchased for about eight dollars with replaceable blades found in packs of 8 for 15 dollars. The Venus Classic razor comes in blue and white. Its handle is the perfect length to grasp in your hand and rest one finger along the raised area on top of the razor. The soft textured elastomer handle makes gripping even in the wet shower safe and foolproof. This makes shaving easy on the hands. In addition, its super flexible razor head moves along your body’s contours up to a 90 degree angle. The Venus Classic razor has three blades with an aloe vera strip on top which indicates to the user when the blade needs to be replaced when the strip wears down and becomes thinner. There are protective cushions on both the top and on the bottom of the blade, and with its rounded head, provides excellent protection from cuts and nicks during shaving. You can easily and safely replace the blades by pushing up on the protruding button on the back of the razor and then snapping the new blade on by pushing into it while it is still in the package. If you then place the old blade in its place of the new one, you can safely dispose of your blade without worry of cutting yourself when you take the garbage out! In addition, you can store your blades in the shower in the handy case provided.

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I like both razors for different reasons. If you want a disposable razor, go with the Noxzema triple blade razor. However, if you don’t mind paying a little extra (the cartridges are expensive) and want a better quality razor and shave, the Venus Classic razor is your best bet. The Noxzema razor gives a good shave especially for a disposable razor, but if the head was contoured better and was more flexible, the shave would be closer and you would be less likely to miss spots as I have done with it on occasion. With the Venus Classic however, the head is extremely flexible, and the protective cushions and aloe strip give a great, smooth and almost gliding shave. The only drawback to this razor is that the textured handle can get dirty and I find that I do need to clean it every so often.