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Chefs Diet: Chef Prepared Food Delivered to Your Door

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Chef prepared food delivered to your door is the dream for most people. Well, Chef’s Diet is a service that delivers Chef prepared food to your door based on your lifestyle, dietary needs and choices. Chef’s Diet may be one of the premier meal choices of many of Hollywood’s major stars, however Chefs Diet is available online offering the service of Chef prepared food delivered to your door to all who are interested in this well planned and unique way of eating. Chefs Diet delivers nationwide and offers a new way of eating that is supported by the testimonies of several doctors. Chefs Diet is in fact considered a 5 Star diet and is guaranteed to meet your cravings in every area and is not only delicious but also convenient and healthy.

Chefs Diet is an eating program that is based on the Nobel Prize winning science behind the Dr. Sears Zone Diet. The Chefs Diet is very well balanced containing 30% protein, 30% favorable fats, and 40% carbohydrates. Chefs Diet offers a wide array of delicious and exciting foods you will never tire of. With the choice of foods selected for the Chefs Diet program, weight loss, lean body mass, and higher energy levels are promoted. Chefs Diet is also known to help those who regularly consume the diet to maintain blood sugar levels. Exceptionally popular among customers on the east coast and west coast, Chefs Diet is now delivering across the nation.

The talent behind Chefs Diet food preparation and delivery service includes several top Chefs, Physicians, and Nutritionists. There are also a number of testimonies from Doctors who are customers of Chefs Diet. Generally once someone improves his or her diet, there is an improved self of well being which subsequently affects one’s moods, coping skills, and sleeping patterns. By making our eating habits a priority such as a program like Chefs Diet, our overall life improves.

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So what type of food makes up the menu of the Chefs Diet Program? First of all customers have several options in terms of the format chosen with Chefs Diet food preparation and delivery service. Selection can be made from Fresh Daily Delivery, Frozen Weekly Delivery, Optimum Results Weekly Delivery, Vegetarian Daily Delivery, and Kids Daily Delivery. Customers can look forward to a wide choice of menus from all formats. An example of a single day’s menu taken directly from the Fresh Daily Delivery Menu is as follows; Breakfast of Cinnamon Sugar Crepe with Mascarpone and Ricotta Cheese with a fresh Blueberry Compote. Lunch consist of a Kobe Beef Philly Cheese Steak served over fresh baked 7 grain bread. A sample snack is a beefsteak tomato served with Vidalia onion and Canadian bacon with Peter Luger steak sauce. Dinner is Lobster tail with home apple chicken sausage stuffing. The final days snack is something similar to Juniors low carb sugar free cheesecake made specifically for Chefs Diet. As you see you are hardly sacrificing taste or variety. Chefs Diet offers many programs, however programs began at $9.99 a day. Chefs Diet food preparation and delivery service is an excellent alternative to healthy eating for those with a busy lifestyle. If you are interested in having Chef prepared food delivered to your door call 1800-906-6927 for more information or visit the Web site today.