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Bird Feeders that Kids Can Make

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During late Autumn, my children get out their craft boxes and make bird feeders for their feathered friends. From May to October, there’s plenty of wild berries and seeds for these little critters to feed on, but come November, they rather depend on the food that we can set out for them.

Bird feeders don’t have to be expensive, nor anything fancy. They do have to hold bird seed however, and should be able to be strung from a tree or the eaves. This helps discourage those raccoons and squirrels from gobbling up the seed in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Bird feeders can be made out of almost anything. Some of our favorite bird feeders are made from items found around the yard and even the recycling bin.

Pine cone feeders

We have a yard full of pine cones, which is as popular for the birds as it is for the squirrels! To make a pine cone feeder, simply tie a string to the top of the cone, taking care that it is firmly in position and won’t slip off.

Once the string has been attached, spread peanut butter around the outside of the cone. For smaller cones, about tablespoon of peanut butter is enough; for larger cones, you may need between 2 to 3 tablespoons of peanut butter.

After applying the peanut butter, roll the cone in bird seed. Shake off the loose seed, then hang from a tree and watch the birds peck away at both the seed and the peanut butter.

Orange bowls

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This organic bird feeder is made from a half orange shell; the kind that remains after making fresh squeezed orange juice. To make this feeder, simply smear a little peanut butter inside the orange bowl, then fill with bird seed.

Hang this bird feeder from a tree using florists wire that has been pierced through the skin of the orange.

Milk Jug feeders

Milk jug feeders are so easy to make because they already have a built in hanger.

To make a milk jug feeder, cut an opening in one side of the jug, large enough for a small bird to enter. Add a handful of bird seed, then hang from a tree. Remember to put the cap back on the jug! This keeps the rain and snow from ruining the bird seed.

Bagel Bites

Have some bagels that have started to dry out? Smear one side with a little lard, then roll in bird seed. Tie a string through the bagel, hang from a tree, and watch the birds gobble down seed, bagel and all!

Cheerios Necklace

These simple bird feeders are made from stringing Cheerios or other “O” shaped cereal onto pieces of twine, to create short necklaces. Hang these nifty cereal necklaces from a tree or fence.

Cookie Cutter Bird Snacks

If your family doesn’t enjoy eating bread heels, save them instead to make yet another type of bird feeder! Use your favorite cookie cutter shape to punch out a shape from a bread heel. Pierce a hole in the top, then let the heel air dry for a day or so.

When the heel has dried, apply a thin layer of lard or peanut butter to both sides, roll in bird seed, then hang from a tree using a piece of twine.

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Making any one of these bird feeders is easy enough for a toddler to do. Not only will these simple, hand made bird feeders keep those fine feathered friends singing through the winter, your child will be thrilled that he made it “all by myself.