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Bare Minerals Versus Sheer Cover

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Bare Minerals versus Sheer Cover

I have tried both of these products and I prefer Bare Minerals. I saw both of them on television infomercials and they advertised exactly what I wanted. I was looking for makeup that was easy to apply, wouldn’t break out my skin and would feel light and airy on my face not heavy and greasy like typical foundation. Both of these products offer similar makeup lines yet I am going to compare the benefits, costs and then my personal experience with both products.

Sheer Cover

The Story

Sheer Cover is a makeup product line which was developed by Leeza Gibbons a television and radio personality who has been involved which Entertainment Tonight receiving 27 Daytime Emmy nominations winning 3. She created Sheer Cover as a makeup “To go beyond covering flaws – it’s makeup that’s actually good for your skin!”

The Product

There are many benefits to the mineral based Sheer Cover makeup which are:

Helps to defend your skin from the visible signs of premature aging with SPF 15 protection.

Contains 100% pure minerals from the earth – feels lightweight and looks totally natural.

Contains NO preservatives, chemical dyes, fragrance, silicones, or talc.

Provides complete coverage in just one step by incorporating both Foundation and Finishing Powder in one.

Helps protect skin from oxidative stress and future damage with age-defying Green Rooibos Tea.The Cost

Sheer Cover starts off new users with an intro kit which includes the essentials to decide if this product is for you which are:

Mineral Foundation w/SPF 15 in 2 shades

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Duo Concealer in 2 shades

Nourishing Moisturizer with SPF 15

Conditioning Cleanser

Studio Powder Brush

Studio All-In-One BrushThe cost for this intro kit is $29.95 and after shipping and handling your total cost is $35.90. This supply will last you for one month after which your monthly replenishment fee is $35.90 which will automatically be delivered to your home.

Bare Minerals

The Story

Bare Minerals is the mineral based foundation product line of the Bare Escentuals Company started in 1976 with their first story opening in Los Gatos California. There products are currently sold in hundreds of stores around the country.

The Product

Bare Escentuals uses only the finest ingredients in our products. Made with crushed minerals from the earth, 100% pure Bare Minerals:

Free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other potential skin irritants

Fee of fillers and binders


Provides adjustable coverage-from light to full

Will improve the condition of the skin over time The Cost

The Bare Minerals Starter Kit includes:

7-piece Bare Minerals Beauty Collection: 2 shades of Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation, Mineral Veil finishing powder, Warmth All-Over Face Color and 3 application brushes

An in-depth How-To Guide that details every product and how to best apply your Bare Minerals

PLUS Free Fabulous Gifts from Leslie The starter kit includes all of these items and it costs $69.97 including shipping and handling. Each month thereafter if you enroll in their club you will receive an automatic shipment to replenish your supply including two tones of mineral power and one mineral veil for two payment of $19.99 including shipping of $5.99 taking your monthly total to $45.97.

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Product Comparison

You can see through the description of the products above that there are some definite differences between the two product lines. I have outlined these differences identifying which line I feel wins each particular category.

The Story – Sheer Cover was created by a media mogul a woman who made her mark through television and radio and then decided to develop a makeup line. Bare Minerals are a line created from a makeup company, Bare Escentuals, which was created in 1976 having a long history of creating reputable makeup. It makes more sense to go with a product developed by a makeup organization rather than a person in the media. Bare Minerals

The Product – Both lines are very similar in their claim to beneficial uses of mineral makeup that it’s free from preservatives, made from natural minerals from the earth, providing complete weightless coverage. The one difference in the product is the claim made by Bare Minerals to improve your complexion over time. This to me was the most important factor. I was trying mineral makeup to help clear my skin and ensure fewer breakouts from traditional heavy foundation and concealer. I can also tell you from using both products that bare minerals felt much better on my skin and also helped improve my complexion dramatically. Bare Minerals

The Cost The starter kits you receive with both products are very similar and comparable however the Bare Minerals product line is almost double the cost of Sheer Cover. I have to say even though I prefer Bare Minerals the fact that Sheer cover is half the price I have to give this category to Sheer Cover.

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Overall I prefer Bare Minerals to Sheer Cover. I found the product more superior and it felt better on my skin. It is the product I currently use everyday. I also am willing to spend a little extra on the superior product when it comes to the health and maintenance of my skin. Also with the wonderful world of Ebay I am able to purchase the Bare Mineral products at a discounted cost; however, as with any Ebay purchase make sure you know what you are purchasing and make sure it is from a reputable source!!! Try out Bare Minerals and let me know what you think!!!